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Artist & Entertainment Management

Dazzle your Guests with the best Artists and Entertainment.

Are you looking forward to hosting the event of the season?


A rocking electrifying event requires not just a great theme, but amazing entertainment options as well. If you are planning such an event, reach out to EBS. We are the best entertainment management company in Dubai & India and have clientele across the globe. We are well-versed in handling all kinds of events.


Based on the theme of your event, we provide suggestions, liaise with the artist, and ensure that all the props have been made available for the performer. From live singers to stage performers and belly dancers, we have a varied list of partnerships that could work for you.


It is pertinent to mention here that our expert services also include rentals, floral designs, catering, table decor, transportation, stage production, and, of course, entertainment. Being one of the best entertainment event management companies, we offer the perfect blend of a dedicated approach and meticulous attention to detail, turning good events into excellent ones.

Entertainment Curation

Executing an entertainment event requires a lot of work and planning, and also, looking into the minutest details, According to the client’s preferences and the theme of the event, our team at EBS curates a selection of magical and world-class entertainment options to ensure a great time for the client as well as the guests that you will be hosting.


As the top entertainment event management company, we make sure that the audiences are left in complete awe of the celebration that is on display at your event. We ensure that everything is taken care of perfectly and within the set timelines.

Artist Management

EBS as a part of its renowned event management services is well-versed in artist entertainment management as well.


Artist liaison is our forte! With EBS, you never have to fret about the entertainment quotient because with us in your corner; everything is bound to go effortlessly. We have years of experience under our belt when it comes to liaising with a plethora of performers and artists from around the world. Our event management team is well-equipped and adept at organizing as well as catering to local as well as international entertainers and performers.

Entertainment Management

Planning, executing, and managing events is our specialty!


Be it your first dance, family performance, or bride & groom entry – we plan everything with finesse. Having the right kind of music & artists around is very important as with such moments you do not get second takes.


Our team at EBS is committed to drawing up the perfect execution plan on the D day for all the entertainment with music selection, performer selection, cue-ing the artists, and sound & light team to the choreographers. Being the top Entertainment Event Management in Dubai and India, we make sure that with perfect timing and precision, we get that perfect one-take shot of your memories!

Artist Booking

Artists are the most vital elements in an event as they electrify the aura with their presence and performance. Owing to our vast talent bank, our team at EBS has options that fit right in with different budgets & price options.


As a part of entertainment event management services, our management team has a vast portfolio of artists on our roster, especially the local talents, and with the international acts, we generally have direct links in the entertainment industry to get you the best of the best.


Hope on to the flawless event ride with us, and make your dream event a living reality!


Which services come under Artist and Entertainment Management?


There are numerous services that are a part of Artist and Entertainment Management. It includes finding the right artist for your event, managing the artists, selecting entertainment options for clients, booking the artists, etc.

When should I start the planning for booking an Artist for my Entertainment Event?


You should start planning for Artist booking well in advance, especially during the season in order to find the right artist for your event. We can completely help in picking up the right artists for you.