Shreya + Abhinav

#A wedding to bid COVID goodbye! 

Did someone say that COVID times were challenging?

Well, the immediate aftermath was worse. In fact, it was a mixed bag. There was a tentative elation, a combination of misgiving and excitement at the thought of the elephant that had not completely gotten out of the room.

Dubai was the choice of a destination wedding by both the bride and the groom, doctors from the UK. There were three hundred people in all flying in from UK, India, and Belgium.

Events by Saniya (EBS), one of the top wedding planners in Dubai was given the privilege and daunting task of arranging a memorable event with the clouds of the pandemic still looming large.

The long planning sessions and the details were all discussed over a zoom call and EBS began to plan its magic by using its customized wedding decorators in Dubai.

Weddings are such a momentous occasion that EBS has a reputation of making every event by them into something unique, something that is worthy of the sanctity of a couple embarking on a life together.

As wedding planners in Dubai, EBS goes into detail and that involves many discussions where ideas go back and forth before arriving at a consensus. However, in this event, EBS did not have the luxury of bouncing ideas and getting approvals physically as all discussions were held on zoom.

Technology has its limitations as it does not have the rapport of a tactile connection. So, the entire arrangement was a litmus test for EBS when the families met formally exactly a day before the wedding.

Welcome Dinner

EBS lived to its reputation of being the best event planner in Dubai when the theme of the ethereal Arabic night was captured with the couple entering the venue with Sufi dancers followed by a sumptuous Arabic dinner. EBS made special arrangements to ensure that the event was no excuse to miss the thrill of the cricket match between India and Pakistan.

Haldi Ceremony

There were riotous moments too. The Haldi ceremony where the groom was smeared with ketchup, mayonnaise, food, beer; one really had to search for Haldi under all this. The Mehndi was at the poolside with a carnival feel to it with mantis and poofs. DJ Manoj was at his best making everyone dance till they dropped.

Mehndi Ceremony

Sangeet Night

The sangeet night was dazzlingly glamorous. The colors were black and gold and the groom and the bride’s family performed most sportingly.

Wedding Ceremony

The dawn broke to welcome the morning of the wedding. A beautiful floral aisle had been set up to make the bride walk towards the beach as it was a sunset wedding. The baraat, lived up to its reputation of taking its own sweet time and had to be almost pushed to make it on time for sunset. There were Gujarati folk singers, adding to the magic of the sunset and the moment for the couple.

Reception Evening

The wedding was followed by a reception at the lawn, where tables, table domes, candle-lit bar, and the jewel in the crown ROOH the award-winning best musical band in Dubai performed for the newlyweds.

After Party

As the evening came to a close, EBS, the event planners in Dubai added yet another feather to their cap and welcomed the good and safe times.