Anaita + Swapnam


This Mumbai based couple came forward to us to turn their dreams into reality. The entire wedding was held in Intercontinental Fujairah, with 7 events that spanned over 3 days. We worked on every detail regarding their decor, applying themes and a story behind each event, and making use of all the venues in the hotel. With the weather being cold and breezy, we opted for events to be outdoors except for the after-parties that were held in the ballroom, indoors.

Entrance and lobby decor

Bubbly Anaita wanted sea elements to be an overall theme for her wedding. We incorporated this in our entrance decor to reflect the idea of all guests that arrived. Everyone passed through gigantic arches at the porch area with hanging sea elements such as anchors, paddles, starfish, life tubes, etc. The itinerary of the event, a nostalgic ladder of the couple’s photos, and block letters of their initials were displayed in the lobby with huge shells and fish.

February 12th

White Wedding – Under the canopy

The white wedding was held for a small crowd of 70 pax. We continued the sea theme into the first event, which naturally set our color palette to blues and whites with a touch of silver. The floral arch under which the couples exchanged their vows, was loaded with blue and white flowers and hanging starfish to maintain the theme. The chairs were styled with teal bows while the large white vases with silver plated leaves acted as thematic props that lead the way into the event. A white leatherette DJ booth and a fancy cut wood white bar with silver backdrop complemented the event with class.

Mehendi – At the Drift Bar

Mehendi was for a more massive crowd of 100 pax with brighter colors of pink, orange, and yellow playing the significant roles in our palette. The venue had a beautiful bridal seating with a circular arch heavily decorated with flowers and hanging balls of fairy lights as the backdrop for the bride. A colorful patterned DJ Booth, along with a long- printed bar of a collage of traditional Indian shoes meant to keep up to the ethnicity. An extra dose of fun, color, and whimsy was added for the guests on that day through this ceremony.

February 13th

Haldi – Small Lawn by the Kids pool

Haldi was held in the morning to which we also decided to go with the colors of the sun – shades of yellow and orange. Our beautiful gold and white takhat served as seating for the couple who had a backdrop of yellow and orange marigolds along with jasmine tassels that alternated in a checkered form. The proximate trees were also ornamented by shiny traditional hanging elements, which added onto the overall look and feel of this traditional custom. It was the perfect blend of tradition and fun as everyone enjoyed smear Haldi playfully on the couple.

Beach Party (Sundowner Lunch)

The beach party was for the entire guest list of 350pax that arrived at the wedding. We chose a mixed color palette of pinks, peaches, reds, and lavender, along with a vintage theme of barrels and woodwork. Wooden square arches with their hashtag welcomed the guests to the beach with a printed dance floor of watercolor splashes as their first view into the event space. The dance floor was also shaded by open tangled drapes of our color palette. The main highlight of this event was the colorfully painted wood bar with a humongous backdrop of barrel tops that lured everyone to grab a drink.
Additionally, a beer barrel storage was also placed near the dance floor. This beach party didn’t need any external entertainment as it had games all around the space that included beer pong, Jenga, rodeo bull, and even a bouncy castle that kept the crowd of all ages entertained. The Jenga and beer pong were placed on printed platforms that suited our color palette and represented the games, respectively. These games surely gave a hearty joyous time to the guests along with the couple. Floral wooden baskets as centerpieces and barrels with cascading flowers, along with hanging origamis of our color palette under the sun umbrellas, added on to the whole theme of the event. Their hashtag of bold block letters and a swing of their initials with the sea as the backdrop served as perfect photobooths at the event. A large-scale sea shell was placed diagonally facing the dance floor so guests could take a quick shade from the afternoon sun and remind the guests of how sea theme is still on our minds. We left no stone unturned in making the beach party more lit and entertaining.

Sangeet – At the Grand Lawn

The Sangeet was entirely a black and gold themed event with a touch of red florals as a color pop to the theme. Bulb archers provided a grand entrance to the lit night. An inlet laser-cut island bar with hanging bulbs in the center acted as a highlight at the venue. An enormous long stage with neon-lit panels of LED screens as a backdrop provided an apt platform for the family to showcase their dance performances. An LED infinity dance floor in front of the stage fascinated all guests to hit the dance floor and go crazy. A fancy triangular hollow cube that displayed the countries significant to the couple gave a glimpse of their story timeline. They served as a perfect photo booth for all to sit in and make the best memories that can be cherished forever. Tables with black overlays combined with our rose gold Dior chairs along with high tables, high chairs, signature cocktail tables, and beige lounges with oval coffee tables and intricate floral centerpieces on all tables transformed the whole event to an aesthetically appealing one. Last but not least a vast bulb lit hashtag was placed as a bold and loud element at the sangeet night. Everyone was singing and dancing their heart out for Anaita and Swapnam’s most special day. The glam décor made the ceremony more enthusiastic and epic. The night was full of dance and endless entertainment.

After Party -In the ballroom

The first after-party had a superhero theme where the bar and dance floor were also customized and printed to suit the theme. Everyone posed with their favorite superhero in the unique superhero cutout photo booth. We created a DJ Booth that represented a tape recorder, and the DJ was at a height where he could oversee the whole crowd’s vibe.

February 14th

Swayamvar – At the Signature Lawn

Swayamwar was full of fun, smiles, and laughter. We chose a color palette of purple, whites, and silver. The 12 chairs styled with purple bow ties had a grand mirror backdrop with fluffy decorative balls of our color palette that reflected our eyes. The beautiful marble elephant centerpieces adorned with flowers represented the old royal Indian custom of a swayamvar that was followed.

Pheras -By the beach

This event was meant to be the most special and auspicious occasion of all. The mandap was set up by the beach with reflective mirror pillars withstanding a heavily decorated circular rim of flowers. The color palette chosen was pinks, peaches, and blushes. The chairs, sofas, and cocktail tables for guests were placed radially in front of the mandap on a specially platformed area. A floral printed aisle was created from the entrance to the mandap with beautiful white floral vases that lead the way. Two main arches signified the entrance to 2 functions under the same event. One being the jaimala and the other being pheras. The jaimala stage was on a platform that was created on a water body/fountain at the hotel, followed by pheras at the mandap on the beach. The jaimala stage was also printed similar to the aisle with a watercolor floral print. The pathway to both functions was lit with chandelier lamps. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in naturally beautiful surroundings. It was a dreamy sunset beach wedding.

Reception – At the Grand Lawn

The reception was a sit-down dinner for 350 guests, and our décor was filled with mirrors and reflections to provide the required class. An entrance tunnel of fairy lights and mirrored flooring surprised the guests to gear up for the organized, classy jazz night. A live champagne wall right at the entrance served as an interactive display of beverage enjoyed by all guests. Every element at the event meant to shine and reflect each other. The mirror dance floor with overhead hanging crystals, chandeliers, and white hanging orchids set a perfect platform for their first dance, cake cutting, and speeches. A long reflective mirror bar, along with all the mirror tables and Armani chairs with white floral centerpieces, suited the theme and kept to the standards of the event. A high energy jazz band and few other entertainments planned for the night were showcased on a huge stage with mirror frames and hanging chandeliers as backdrops.

After Party – At the Ballroom

The second and last party of the entire event ended with a pop art theme where there was a photo booth with a printed backdrop of all comical expressions. The bar and dance floor were also customized and printed to suit the pop art theme. A replica DJ Booth was placed similar to the previous after-party at a height.

We as Events By Saniya had a fantastic time with this couple catering to all their needs in terms of décor and aesthetics that is very important for any event. Visual appeal plays a significant role in creating an everlasting impression in everyone who attends it. We were successful in etching the hearts of all guests who experienced the various distinct vibes created by us.

Wishing you a happy married life, Anaita and Swapnam!

Event Partner

Venue: InterContinental Fujairah