Niral + Vijay

An Anniversary to Remember!

25th Anniversary Event - Events planner Dubai

25 years into marriage, still very much in love and still ready for all that is to come!

As event planners, we meet several young couples; in love and eager to get married, ready to make adjustments for the ‘better-half-to-be’. But take the same couple and move them across the timelines, 25 years into marriage, still very much in love and still ready for all that is to come; that is Niral and Vijay Sagar for you.

Yes, it is rare… and even for seasoned team like us, it was overwhelming. When we met the lovely couple, sharing stories and photographs over a cup of tea, their story of ever-growing love was just heart-warming!

We were all set to make this event as grand as their wedding. With that, we chose the Rixos Premium, Dubai, to be our venue. Only Rixos Premium could bring out the grandeur and luxurious feeling which we wanted to recreate for them!

With all details and planning we were all set to kick-off the event with the Sufi Night. Staying true to the theme we followed the pink and gold palette. We lined the entrance beautifully with lamps and candles to set the mood. The seating arrangements were done carefully to ensure that everyone could get a clear view of the stage to enjoy the show.

We wanted the celebration to be nothing short of royal. In line with what we had pictured, we used streamers of gold, golden chairs, generous scattering of pink, red and white flower arrangements. Our set-up was complete with crystal chandeliers glittering in the lavender and red lighting and it all set the regal ambience for the celebration. We did the stage with royal background, we were all set for the evening’s performances.

Adding to this grand look was our beautiful couple… Niral in her glimmering traditional outfit was glamour and grace personified and Vijay matched up to her with his black sherwani. Together they looked breath-taking!

As if the family and the performances weren’t enough, to up the entertainment mark we had Shadid Shabaz entranced the audience with his heavenly voice and his Sufiyana style. With the drinks flowing and the dances brewing, the guests and the hosts enjoyed themselves, it was truly a night to remember!

The second day followed suite with the ‘Glitz and Glamour’ themed Black-tie event.

From glimmering candle-stand chandeliers to crystal cutlery, we complemented the theme with vast array of arches and pillars of white flowers. The furniture was set in white acrylic to go with the theme. The stage, the center-of-attraction (quite literally) was the mirrored dance-floor. The serene white against the vivid greenery of the Rixos Premium garden overlooking the vast sea was a straight-out-of-the-dream sight!

We were once again awed by the couple where Niral looked every bit gorgeous like a new bride in her red tail gown and Vijay stood tall and handsome in his black tuxedo.

As the sun set, the chandeliers and the fairy lights glimmered bright and added to the tone of the frolic; and the mirrored dance-floor took it up several notches.

Entertainment for the evening included our trio girl bad with violinist, a cello player and a flutist who ushered the guests to let their hair down. The evening rounded off with heart-touching speeches, hugs, and emotions, one of the most touching we’ve heard in a long time! It was a success when all the guests danced the night away and we signed off, swooning still with love!

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Venue: Rixos Premium Dubai | Wedding Planning and Decor: Events by Saniya | Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Sanish Cherian | Band: Shahid Shabaz