Suman + Sami Wedding Event

Sumi and Samy Wedding event dubai


Marriages are made in heaven and sometimes the wedding planner they choose also is by divine intervention. Suman Desai and Sami Belbase, one of EBS’s favourite clients because they were so absolutely beautiful people.

That’s when they stumbled upon EBS – Events by Saniya, a highly sought-after wedding planning company that promised to turn their dreams into reality. Mrs. Archana Desai, the bride’s mother, met with the team of EBS to discuss the details of the wedding.  Sami’s had already made her mind up. She was effusive as her “princess”, Sami loved the work of EBS. Though EBS was neck deep in an event, she was patient and persistent as she had already made her mind up.

The bride-to-be, had amazing clarity about the kind of décor that she wanted. She was firm and would not compromise on what she had in her mind for anything, least of all cost. From the very beginning, EBS had the couple’s vision in mind and worked tirelessly to make sure that every aspect of the wedding was nothing short of a perfect match to what they had in mind.

The Vidhi Ceremony

The couple wanted a Modern Royal Indian Wedding in Dubai, and EBS made sure that each of their functions was a reflection of their dreams. The first event, the Vidhi ceremony, was held at the stunning Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

The main challenge for EBS was using the garden for two back-to-back events with almost diametrically opposite décor. The Vidhi was scheduled in the morning and the theme was a splash of colours. So, one part of the garden was covered as the weather was warm and one needed air-conditioning for an event that was outdoors. We recreated the space with typical Indian rich colours. The decor was inspired by hues of yellow and pink, and the stage was lit up with twinkling lights that danced to the beat of the music. DJ Gautam had the guests swaying to his beats, while the Dholwalas and Angel Performing Acts left everyone mesmerized with their graceful moves. The host, Vishaal Rasquinha, kept the energy levels high with his jokes and antics.

The Wedding Dinner

The challenge however was the next event- the welcome dinner. The welcome dinner’s theme was black. So, a portion of the garden had to be covered with black acrylic sheets and white lines lights. All this had to happen in 3 hours! EBS was given a grace of 30 minutes. So, team EBS literally worked at 2X speed and presto! We recreated exactly what the bride had in mind- Black Beauty. The guests were welcomed by a Stilt Violinist, while Vishaal Rasquinha and DJ Shadow kept the party going. A really exquisite and expensive choice. However, the saying goes- the Princess’s wish is EBS’s command!


The Mehndi function

It held at Sonara Camp, was a vibrant cultural affair. The theme was to capture the distinct cultures of the couple- Gujarati and Nepali. The guests, mostly from USA, had a treat and a glimpse of the rich, colourful culture of India. Santoor and tabla artists welcomed the guests with melodious tunes, while a sensuous belly dancer added a touch of the desert safari. DJ Shadow kept the guests on their feet, and the Angel Performing Acts wowed everyone with their fantastic sets.

The Wedding Day

#The Big Day was held at Fort Island, with wedding theme being Golden Lotus. The couple made a grand entrance with the help of the Angel Performing Acts, and the Hydraulic Mandap was a sight to behold. The reception was held at the Johara Ballroom, with a theme of Golden Lotus. The cocktail hour was a jazz lovers’ delight, with a saxophonist serenading the guests. The families made a grand entry, followed by emotional speeches by the newlyweds and their families. The night ended with everyone dancing and having the time of their lives, thanks to the beats of DJ Lemon.

The Golden Lotus Reception

The crowning jewel of this wedding was the “Golden Lotus” reception held at the Johara Ballroom. The bride’s desire for a lotus theme was manifested in every element of the reception. From the lotus-shaped stage to the island round lotus bars, the entire setting was an embodiment of elegance and cultural symbolism. The use of gold and lotus motifs conveyed prosperity, grandeur, purity, and enlightenment.

This was a rewarding event for EBS. Right from the word go, there was clarity in what they wanted. They were open to suggestions and never indulged in petty bargaining. They had an immaculate choice when it came to cuisines. Interaction with EBS. They were practical grounded and very empathetic. While EBS characteristically made sure that they excel in themselves right from the decor to the entertainment, the support and trust that the bride put in EBS gave the much-needed boost that every event planner dreams of.

Suman and Sami’s wedding was indeed a fairy-tale wedding in the setting of the Arabian Nights. And it was all thanks to the magic woven by EBS – Events by Saniya.

Event Partner

Wedding Planning and Decor: Events by Saniya | Mixologists: The Project Liquid| DJ’s: DJ Gautam, DJ Shadow and DJ Lemon | Photographers and Videographers: Magic Motion, Suresh, Alexandra and Sharief | Makeup Artists: Diana and Carolina for the Bride, Zeenat Jaffer for the Guests and Family Members | Artists: Angel Performing Acts, Saxohits