Rachita + Darren

Rachita and Darren wedding


Wedding Planning for the Palette King, Sanjeev Kapoor

Excuse me? Did I just hear… Sanjeev Kapoor? Who….I mean Which Sanjeev Kapoor?

Yes, indeed! It is the one and only Sanjeev Kapoor. The renowned celebrity chef who revolutionized Indian cuisine and how the world perceives it.

One of those awe-inspiring moments for Events By Saniya happened when the ever-charming Sanjeev Kapoor, Alyona Kapoor accompanied by their daughter Rachita Kapoor, the bride-to-be, chose Dubai as the destination for their special event!

Even as the best wedding planner in UAE and a top wedding planner in Dubai, I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach when I was approached by them. Despite my extensive experience in event planning in Dubai, I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. Meeting the person who guided me through my early experiments in cooking was truly overwhelming.

The day of our meeting at Taj Exotica Palm Dubai finally arrived. Sanjeev Kapoor and Alyona Kapoor were crystal clear about the kind of wedding they desired, especially Rachita, the bride and Darren the groom. She had a clear vision of the colors she wanted to see during the haldi, pheras, and other ceremonies. Clarity about the color scheme is a tremendous advantage for any wedding planner, providing room for innovation and the use of combinations centered around the main theme color. Rachita specifically chose purple as the color for Haldi, an unconventional choice that turned out to be stunningly beautiful. She truly embodied the role of a model bride.

Being a luxury wedding planner and a destination wedding planner in Dubai, Events By Saniya was well-equipped to handle the challenge. The couple wanted an intimate ceremony, with multiple events that presented increasingly challenging themes, all of which had to meet the high standards set by the Palette King himself, Sanjeev Kapoor.

The Mehendi Ceremony

The mehendi ceremony took place at Raia Lounge with a Turkish and evil eye theme. The colors were blue and white, adorned with pink bougainvilleas. The ambiance was enchanting and exquisitely pretty. This theme proved to be such a hit that it became quite popular, with many other weddings planned by Events By Saniya opting for the same concept. The mehendi celebration was filled with fun and joy, hosted by Priya Jethani, the MC, and featured lively games. A Turkish bazaar was recreated, allowing guests to use coins to purchase Oudh, have their fortunes read by a tarot card reader, engage in sand art, get henna tattoos, and more.

The Sangeet Ceremony

The sangeet ceremony took place in the ballroom of Taj Exotica Palm, with the popular theme of fire and ice. The chosen colors were gold, white, and icy blue. The entire decor exuded the translucent essence of ice combined with the magnetic allure of fire. It was a touching moment to witness the couple- Rachita and Darren dancing their hearts out, while the bride and groom’s parents participated in each event, showering their love and blessings upon their children.

The Haldi Ceremony

The haldi ceremony was held in the meeting room, brought to life by the colors of love and fertility—lilac and yellow.

The Wedding Day

The highlight of the wedding was the mandap set up on the beach. The mandap featured acrylic pillars that created an illusion of floating in the sea. Pastel-colored flowers were used to complement the backdrop of the sea. As wedding decorators in Dubai, Events By Saniya went above and beyond to ensure that the mandap resembled a dream that the couple and their guests would cherish forever.

The Reception

For the reception, we transformed the hotel’s courtyard into a central area for the event. With clever lighting, trussing, landscaping, and every effort made by our expert wedding decorators in Dubai, it appeared as one cohesive space. The theme for this closing event was roses, with red and green being the chosen colors. With Sanjeev Kapoor as the father of the bride, there was an abundance of food to satisfy every taste and palate. Pop-up food stations were scattered throughout, offering an extensive array of choices. Once the guests began to dwindle, the bride and groom changed into casual attire and had a blast!

This wedding holds a special place in Events By Saniya’s memory, as it was a celebrity wedding with clear instructions on their desires. There was an alluring warmth and rooted honesty in the couple and their parents despite their celebrity status.  As the best wedding planner in UAE, we were able to meet their expectations flawlessly. It was a wedding where food took center stage. Imagine a wedding with a vast variety of live food stations cooking and serving fresh food of any choice! After all, it was the reception hosted by the Badshah of Khana Khazana himself, Sanjeev Kapoor. Trust Events By Saniya, the top wedding planner in Dubai, for all your wedding services in Dubai and let us make your dream wedding a reality.