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The thought and idea were magical when a Belgian Gujarati family of diamond merchants chose UAE for its stunning skyline, landscape, and unique combination of sunshine, sea and the mountains of Fujairah; our role as a wedding planner in UAE was to create those magical and shiny moments for the couple with every detail they have mentioned. It was like having exquisite Belgian waffles amid sand dunes, beaches and rough mountains.

Since the family had chosen us as their event and wedding planner in UAE after much thought and deliberation, they were keen on personalizing every aspect of their wedding celebrations, from the entry to all the events. The hospitality desk featured a life-sized caricature of the couple, allowing guests to take pictures. The lobby was transformed into shades of lavender and mirror hues, the bride’s favorite colors. A prominent LOVE sign was displayed throughout the wedding, and each detail was tailored to reflect the couple’s personality and love story.

Sundowner Beach Event:

The first event, a sundowner beach party, had a Mykonos theme, possibly tied to a significant memory from the couple’s history. The decoration mainly featured white and blue hues, complemented by pink bougainvillea flowers. The path to the beach was adorned with large blue Greek pots overflowing with flowers. The beach party followed a Greek style, with guests dressed in white and coordinated colors. A central island bar with a violinist at its center, positioned over steps, served as a unique centerpiece. The event featured personalized writings and hand-painted elements on the beach sand.

Haldi/Mehndi Event at the Pool:

The Haldi/Mehndi event showcased remarkable decor and personalization. The entrance was designed like a book with a transparent sheet that displayed the couple’s story. Lavender and yellow colors were chosen, creating a warm atmosphere for the morning event. The couple’s main stage was a clock displaying their timeline, from the moment they met to their proposal and wedding. Overhead drapes with floral cane baskets added to the beauty of the setting. The family dances were performed on a central stage.

After Party:

The after-party featured a personalized bar, dance floor, and DJ. The bar was adorned with neon signages portraying the couple’s theme and storyline. A total of 40 personalized neon signages, incorporating emoticons, words, and important dates, added to the party’s ambiance. The energetic atmosphere kept everyone dancing throughout the night.

Sangeet Event:

For the sangeet event, the passage to the lawn was lit with fire torches, creating a grand entry. A golden acrylic entrance gate with candles provided a royal touch. The couple’s stage was customized, featuring golden elements and neon lights that were cut out uniquely. Fire shows around the bar added to the artistic presentation.

Wedding and Reception:

The wedding and reception took place on the same expansive lawn. The baraat entry was marked by floral chandeliers leading the way to the lawn. The wedding mandap was not the usual 4-pillar structure but an open mandap with jute rugs, reflecting the couple’s preference for simplicity and rustic charm. The color scheme transitioned from an ombre of pink and white for the wedding to a rustic reception with wooden tables and chairs. A royal and elegant photo booth was adorned with chandeliers, creating a picturesque backdrop for photographs.

In conclusion, this article captures the essence of a truly personalized and remarkable wedding celebration in the UAE. The various events were each uniquely decorated by us as their Wedding planner in UAE, reflecting the couple’s preferences, memories, and love story, resulting in a stunning and memorable experience for all involved.

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Wedding Decor: Events by Saniya | Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Imprint Wedding | DJ: Lemon | Entertainment: Fahmil Khan and Walter Scalzone | MC: Junaid