Pragya + Nikhil

Two States Wedding

When two states blessed by mother nature, come together with the sanctity of matrimony, there is bound to be magic.  The couple-to-be looked out for the best Event Management Companies in Dubai and their search brought them to Events by Saniya (EBS).


EBS had to live up to their reputation as the Best Wedding Planners in Dubai – the task was to showcase the distinct culture of both, Himachal Pradesh and Kerala in another country, Dubai in UAE.


To the couple this was a very personal affair with an exclusive list 100 guests, but they wished to make the event grand in every was possible and memorable for all those attending


The first event, the ring ceremony was arranged in an exquisite ballroom with the magic and glitter of moonshine and stars. The dapper couple wore a beautiful white gown and a formal tuxedo. The magic was in the air and the theme was set perfectly to match their attires.

The Kalyanam was arranged on the beach. The bride who was escorted to the mandapam under a ‘phoolon ki chadar’ entered the mandapam, wearing the traditional gold and off-white, Kasavu saree. The marriage was simple, understated yet breathtaking in its exclusivity.


As the Best Wedding Planners in UAE, the real challenge lay in organizing a sumptuous traditional Kalyana Sadya (Lunch). This wasn’t a first for team EBS and so they took up the challenge and all present were very pleased with the arrangements.


Kalyana Sadya is a sit-down lunch served on a banana leaf with every item right from the position on the leaf to the serving order was as per tradition which have been handed down for centuries.

A sadya is a challenge to any Wedding planner company in Dubai, as it is one of its kind and rare in the UAE owing to the challenge in procuring all the materials. However, EBS always goes that extra mile for its clients, and we also followed the path here.


The evening saw a complete volte-face, when team EBS setup the mandap for the north Indian styled wedding. A traditional mandap with the omnipresent Vigneshwara (Ganesha) was set up in dazzling yellow and orange. Like all north Indian celebrations, the evening began with lots of dancing in the Baarat. The bride and groom entered in style worthy of royalty.

The wedding was followed by the reception with the couple and the guests grooving to DJ Nitesh. As they danced into the night, EBS – the Best Wedding Planners in Dubai, watched contentedly as the revelers glowed in the magic of the moment with only the stars as the last witnesses to this heavenly union.