Samantha + Yash


Samantha Kothari & Yash Chopra – Two souls who were destined to be together.
We met both the families in Bangalore and the click was bang on. We felt a special bond with them and understand each other so well. As a Wedding Planner, it is imperative to connect with your couple on a personal level to create the magic they always envisioned and turn their dreams into a creative reality.
Our gorgeous bride, Samantha and Punjabi Munda, Yash, who is full of life, make a lovely couple and the bond they share can be seen through their smiling faces and content heart.
Marriage is a heavenly union of not just two souls but also two families. So, it was evident that there must be remarkable involvement of their families in the marriage. And the couple expressed it subtly by in corporating the family name into their hashtag #YashKotSam (‘Kot’ derived from the Kothari).
We organized everything in detail from start to finish to put smiles on their faces and let them relax and enjoy their big day to the fullest.
We made travel arrangements for the comfort of family & friends.We coordinated and managed everything from save the dates, wedding themes to the last adieu, color palettes, décor selection to the wedding photographers, caterers, makeup artists to make their wedding an absolute breeze.

Our Challenge

Coadunation of the cultural differences between the two families and amalgamating their customs was something we had to heed to. Keeping in mind the cultures and rituals, an intricately detailed plan was drafted for the couple such that the customs of both the families were duly acknowledged. Incorporating a Jain routine into a Punjabi lifestyle wasn’t a cakewalk. We mainly focused on menu planning so that our guests have the best food on the table. That is the facet of marriage; it makes people of two beautiful cultures blend into one, making it special and unique.

The wedding was held in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, one of the most beautiful properties in Dubai located at the palm, with its beach stretch that blessed us with plenty of indoor and outdoor options to conduct their events. We visited the property for detailed discussions to make each event a unique and special affair to remember. We established a fully-fledged 24/7 functioning hospitality desk to manage all guests and the event.

November 18th

Welcome Lunch /Mehendi

We kick-started the wedding with a beach party at the Plaj that welcomed the guests and combined it with the joyous Mehendi Function. Evading the usual traditional themes, we blended this Indian affair with a Turkish theme complementing the blues of the seas and lemons that gave a pop of yellow. The couple made a grandeur entry to the beach on a yacht, which made the guests awestruck. Walter Scalzone (Percussionist) escorted them, drumming his way from the dock to the dance floor where the friends and family joined the couple succeeded by the dance performances. The Tanoura dancer maintained the Turkish vibes with his fantastic performance. The kids were entertained with the Turkish ice cream scooper. There were foot masseuses for guest comforts. Flaming Trio (Bartenders), were adept, and their splendid use of props and bar equipment did not fail at amusing the guests.

November 18th


The Sangeet Ceremony was held in the Music hall, a grand in-house theatre. A Glitz and Glam themed sangeet night coordinated with the black and red interiors of the theatre was perfect for the battle of dance performances show cased by both the families amusingly. The couple shared their first dance, followed by a blast of champagne. The lively dance performances kept the ambience energetic and vibrant. And adding frisk to it, ROOH – Music band (Performer – Anupam Nair and band), made the aura pleasant and cheerful. DJ Manoj kept the night young with all the craziness and high energy and maintained the vibe till morning. To make everyone dance on the best beats, we organized the best Music Band & DJ and ensured that everything goes without a glitch.

November 19th


The Haldi Ceremony is a treasure trove of good memories and great pictures! This colorful wedding ritual took place in the Imperium terrace, celebrated with laughter, giggles, pomp, and color. The ceremony was followed by the lunch where Fahmil Khan, evoked nostalgia among everyone with his live music. A brilliant rendition of retro classics made the lunch more delightful and pleasant.

November 19th

Wedding and Dinner

The dreamy wedding took place in a lawn facing the beach, where the wind and waves sang the praises over the union of our gorgeous couple. The outdoor mandap had a contemporary look to it. The beautiful mandap was adorned with greens and pastel flowers. The décor, along with an elegant dinner setup, gave it a perfect fairy tale look. Our groom, Yash, made a grander entrance on a Ferrari along with his family and friends. And everything came to a halt for a moment when the couple exchanged their jaimalas. A magical moment seemed like a fairy tale when friends and families unleashed balloons into the sky to mark this auspicious moment. A musical trio played the flute, violin, and chello as they cut their cake, and this beautiful day ended with a drizzle – A blessing from God.

It was indeed a pleasure to organize the wedding of Yash and Samantha. You guys are a match made in heaven! We are delighted that you gave us the opportunity to be a part of your dream.
Hope you both have a blessed, happy married life.

Wishes from Team EBS.

Event Partner

Venue: Jumeirah Zabeel Saray | Wedding Planning and Decor: Events by Saniya | Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Oragraphy | DJ: Manoj | Band: Rooh