Corporate Events

We specialize in managing Corporate Events in Dubai and Abroad.

We are the best corporate event organizers in Dubai with an abundant professional experience in planning and managing corporate events. We specialize as a Dubai event company that caters to all the corporate event requirements in UAE and abroad. Our culmination of professionalism and creativity helps us in effortlessly meet the client’s requirements. 


We do not just plan and manage events, we curate memorable experiences for our clients and their guests. From team building activities and Product Launches, to Award ceremonies and interactive entertainment, we have a wide range of corporate ideas to make your next event a success. This helps in ensuring that the client’s expectations are met. No wonder why EBS has been recognized as one of the top corporate event management companies in Dubai


From Gala Awards nights to annual staff parties, team-building endeavors, and product launches, EBS as a corporate event planner UAE – has done it all. We provide a plethora of corporate event management services in Dubai. We are known for hosting and managing exceptional corporate gatherings which helps in leveling up our clients’ reputation in the corporate world.

Product Launches

Product launches are an important part of the planning process of corporate event planning companies Dubai. These are designed for creating awareness for a particular brand and its product. The event’s success is used in determining the product’s future in terms of the sales it will be receiving.


Product launches are extremely important events for any business. As the best corporate event planner Dubai; EBS brainstorm, ideate, and implements exclusively unique concepts for your company’s product launch. This helps in effectively ensuring that hype of the product is created among the prospects for a successful product launch.

Product Launches in Dubai
Corporate Awards Ceremony

Award Ceremonies

The team at EBS is well-versed in the organization of award ceremonies which are often crucial events for a business. An award ceremony is an extravaganza of achievement, talent, and success for a company. For any business, it is essential to honor and reward the right people; this is this event’s ultimate goal. 


We understand the importance of such events for a business and plan it accordingly. 


As the top corporate event organizers in UAE, our team can organize everything for you from venue to entertainment and even decor. We ensure to make this event a success by putting in all our efforts and management skills into practice.


Among the most significant events in corporates are conferences. These are professional meetings that can last for several days. A conference is a large official meeting where executives discuss important business matters, and requires the right environment. Sensing this essentiality, EBS as the best corporate event planner UAE – works in planning these conferences in the right direction. 


We focus on creating the perfect platform for you to communicate effectively with your audience. 


As a renowned Dubai event company, we implement well-crafted planning and execution to ensure the event’s success. EBS works on minute detailing for the event with the aid of implementing all the technical requirements. This ensures better hospitality and effective presentation of all elements in the conference.

Conference Event in Dubai
Corporate Meetings & Seminars

Corporate Meetings & Seminars

Seminars and corporate meetings are other important events in the corporate world. These events require proper planning, careful execution, and efficient management as otherwise, the company’s reputation comes at stake. This can be done only by an experienced corporate event management company in Dubai. 


The EBS team makes sure your meeting or seminar runs smoothly by working on its execution in a fine manner. Our highly skilled corporate event organizers in UAE are well aware of each and every important element that needs to be incorporated while managing meetings & seminars.

Corporate Parties

As the best corporate event planning companies Dubai, we are arsenal with the craft of planning crazy and professional-themed corporate parties. Such events are one of the finest ways to boost the morale of your hard-working employees. Corporate parties are the fun parties that require a proper implementation to make it fun to help your employees relax and unwind.


Planning them effectively becomes essential for us as the top corporate event organizers in Dubai. Our team at EBS makes sure to organize corporate parties such that the attendees excitedly look forward to them. We deeply analyze the audience profile and age group in order to suggest relevant ideas. Our design themes & concepts are so unique to the extent that your attendees will not want to leave the party.

Corporate Parties


How do we start planning our corporate event with you?


Once you Get in Touch with us, the next step will be the ideation and planning process wherein the EBS team will brainstorm ideas with you on how the event should be, the theme, the guest list, budget, etc.

How do you choose an event venue?


The venue of the event is chosen by taking note of your preferences, budget, guest list, time of the year, and also the kind of corporate event that you look forward to organizing.

How do you manage the safety of an event?


EBS has more than a decade of experience in planning, organizing, and managing events. We take care of all the safety standards and employ necessary precautions so that everything goes well. The safety of our clients and their guests is always our topmost priority.

How do you manage the timeline for delivering a successful corporate event?


Once the ideation is done and all the necessary elements are figured out, we plan an effective and sincere timeline for each and every step and keep you updated on the same.