Fun Games to Host at Your Wedding Functions

Fun Games at Wedding Function

Fun Games to Host at Your Wedding Functions

Wedding functions are usually emotional events, both for the bride and the groom’s family. It is a new journey that the happy couple is about to embark on and so naturally, everyone is happy and teary-eyed about it. However, that’s not all wedding ceremonies have to be about. Although emotion is good, you must not forget to add a touch of fun in the mix, as much for your sake as for the guests. It is no secret that couples, as the center of attention, might not be able to enjoy it all, but your guests sure can!

Let us check out some exciting fun games that you can consider for your pre-wedding rituals!

1. Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is a popular wedding activity that is enjoyed as much by the couple as by the guests. In this game, two chairs are placed back-to-back, preferably on the dance floor. The bride and the groom take their places in the two chairs, remove their shoes and then exchange a shoe with their spouse so that both of them are holding one of each. A person is designated to ask the couple questions about each other, and they are required to hold up the shoe for the best answer. You can include fun questions such as “Who confessed their love first?”

Shoe Game for weddings
2. Dress Up

This quirky game is also very exciting and men, as well as women, can have a blast with this one. In this game, men dress in colorful sarees and do the catwalk on a ramp. The activity is like any other fashion show, only a million times more fun since men also need to drape their own sarees. This is a game that is bound to engage all guests as well as the hosts.

Dress up game for weddings
3. Bull Ride

When in doubt, pull out the bull ride! If the ceremony or event is being held in the great outdoors and space is not an issue, there is nothing better than organizing a bull ride. This rodeo sport is a crowd favorite and kids, as well as adults, can have a really good time with it.

Bull ride game for weddings  Bull ride game for weddings
4. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a popular game, and if you introduce it in any of your pre-wedding or post-wedding rituals, the boys will definitely thank you for it! In this game, there are two opposing teams and players from each time throw a ping pong ball in an attempt to land it in one of the beer cups that are placed in a triangle at the end of the table. If a player succeeds in landing the ball in a cup, the beer is consumed by the other team and is eliminated from the table. This game takes table fun to a whole new level!

Beer pong game for weddings
5. Spin & Win

This is a bit like spin the wheel, only better! Instead of penalties, you can choose quirky awards where people have to dance, sing, drink, etc. This is one game that is bound to create a whole lot of memories for you and the guests. Indoor or outdoor, works for both. All you have to do is get real creative with your tasks and challenges 😛

Spin & Win game for weddings

Besides the above, there are many more games that you can organize at your wedding functions. If you need help to come up with something unique and creative, you can always hire wedding planners to help you make a perfect choice. In addition to assisting you with ideas, they will also arrange all the logistics so that you can rest easy and have fun!