Giveaway ideas for an Indian Bride’s Mehendi Function

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Giveaway ideas for an Indian Bride’s Mehendi Function

Pretty, yummy and delicious are some of the words that you can use in order to describe the favors for a Mehendi function. Every bride wishes for the wackiest wedding giveaway for her Mehendi event. The Mehendi or the Henna function is definitely one of the craziest pre-wedding Indian rituals. It consists of cute trinkets and oodles of colors. Here, we have shortlisted some super cool and amazing Mehendi giveaways for your wedding. So, pay attention and consider the following giveaways for great memories, style and to show your love and affection to your loved ones!

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the first few things that come to mind for an Indian wedding. Besides being essential for the bride herself, it can also make for a tremendous Mehendi giveaway. You can make a colorful selection of jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, and bangles in a floral basket, allowing your guests to pick their favorite piece as a giveaway. This gives them a lot of options to choose from and ensures that they actually use that piece of jewelry long after your wedding.


2. Customized Sunglasses

Customized sunglasses can be an uber cool giveaway if you are planning an outdoor Mehendi event on a sublime sunny afternoon. Besides being useful at the event itself, they will lend a great theme to your function and will add a fun element to this pre-wedding ritual and photographs.

3. Clutch Bags

Clutch Bags are synonymous with women. You cannot really attend an event as a woman without a clutch bag carrying all your essentials. Besides that, this giveaway can also prove to be quite handy at the event itself. You can again offer a selection of these in distinct sizes and colors that your guests can choose to their fancy.

Clutch Bags Mehndi Giveaway  

4. Shawls/Dupatta

Another great giveaway item can be a shawl or a dupatta, especially if your Mehendi celebrations are taking place during the chilly months of winter. The best thing about this giveaway is that there is a wide variety of fabrics, designs, colors, etc. with an abundance of style. This is bound to add plenty of excitement amidst the crowd. Oh, and let’s not forget of all the games you can play using this as a prop!

5. Makeup

You can choose anything from the very basic things such as Bindi and lipstick to hardcore makeup essentials such as a compact or an eyeliner. These can be displayed in colorful potli bags that are extremely cute as well as practical to carry the makeup items. It is an excellent idea to giveaway a makeup item that is close to your heart or that means something to you in order to make the process extra special.

Make up mehndi giveaway

And finally, why forget the men? Although Mehendi is largely a woman-centric event, men are welcome too. You can arrange chic pocket squares for the male guests as the perfect giveaway choosing colors that are in line with your event theme. Here’s some inspiration for you..

Men pocket square giveaway mehndi  Men pocket square giveaway mehndi

Choosing a fun giveaway is always one of the best parts of a bride’s Mehendi function. While you must choose something that is close to your heart, you can also take the help of wedding planners for this task. They can help you decide the perfect giveaway, the décor associated with it vis-à-vis the best way to display them and that too, all within your budget! Besides this, there’s a lot on Pinterest available too for inspirationJ