Must-have photos for every bride with your BFFs at the wedding


Must-have photos for every bride with your BFFs at the wedding

Can you imagine a world without your besties and cousins? Not getting some amazing and memorable photo clicked with all of them on your wedding day will be such a good opportunity lost! A wedding is a day when you wish to be with your near and dear ones as well as have the time of your life with your BFFs around you. It is also the perfect day to feel nostalgic about and look back on with a smile on your face.

If you have been looking for the perfect wedding clicks for your album, here are some handpicked poses for the bride and her best friends to capture memories and create an indelible wedding album.

1. The bride with her bridesmaids

You cannot have enough cool photos and with your super cool friends’ clan on your wedding day. Be your usual crazy selves and have a blast with some pouts, alcohol and fun shades. Pair all of this with traditional Indian wear for an unforgettable shot.

2. A group photo of your BFFs

This is the perfect “rock the bridge” photo that you can capture of your gang. If you have decided to go ahead with a destination wedding, you can take some amazingly impromptu shots of your comrades to save and cherish years after your wedding date.

3. The couple and their BFFs

One of the best things about getting married is embracing your partner’s friends. Another portrait idea can be to find beautiful winding stairs and making a pyramid of your besties behind you. You can strike a crazy pose with your to-be husband while your best friends smile and pose in the background.


4. The BFFs dancing with the Bride

It is essential for you to have a picture with your besties twirling and dancing away. Weddings are synonymous with busting out some insane dance moves. Pick out the fanciest outfits for you and your friends or strike a pose dancing on some foot-tapping music!

5. A Kiss on Each Cheek

When it comes to you in your real self, it is difficult to find somebody who knows and understands you better than your BFFs. So, you can definitely cannot miss capturing those rare and candid shots of you being your goofy selves. Get dressed from head to toe and bring in your besties for a kiss on each cheek to make your wedding day cheesier.

6. Swing Tales

How can you miss the swing on your wedding day? Capture the most elegant shot of you with your besties on a swing, color-coded in a dress and strike thousands of fun and beautiful poses with them. Remember to go crazy with these pictures and wear the widest smile on your face!


7. The bride surrounded with her BFFs

When dancing, do not forget to be in the center of your clan and have a candid picture of you all dancing, laughing and enjoying yourselves. This is one portrait idea where you can never go wrong! You can try and time this just in time for the bride entry at the wedding ceremony or the couple entry for the reception.

So here we are, some awesome ideas shared which we hope you like.  Capturing the beautiful moments of a wedding is an integral part of the most important day of your life. Bring variety and color to your pictures and save the best moments of your time with your BFFs in perfect frames. Remember, you always need something great to look back at!