21+ Wedding Themes Ideas for 2022 with Pro Tips

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21+ Wedding Themes Ideas for 2022 with Pro Tips

When we think of weddings, our mind transforms us into a world full of romance, exciting themed decorations, music, delicious food and laughter.

Wedding decors have become the most focused of all of the elements in a wedding today.

The perfect wedding theme will gloss the tone of the wedding and drive every wedding aesthetic decision made after that. If you are planning your wedding this year, it is important to consider which popular wedding themes appeal to you as a pair or individually.

A whimsical couple will often choose a date and a venue for their wedding early in the planning phase, but they must also decide on wedding themes. Choosing a theme early in the wedding planning process aids in shaping and crafting the whole appearance and feel of the day, including colour themes, table and décor ideas, and apparel and dresses.

Read on for some terrific ideas for wedding party themes and how to decide if they’re right for you.

Trendiest Wedding Themes

Astonishing Wedding Themes For Summer

Summer is a pretty great gleaming time of the year for a wedding and for beautiful themes to blend in with the sunshine. Summer is more than simply a season; it means warmth, sunshine, growth, and abundance. These are the ideal feelings to include in your wedding.

1. Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are extremely popular all year round because they are the most romantic and relaxing which makes them the top wedding theme. It combines a destination and a season. Put out any vintage wedding decoration ideas that you can imagine, mix any colours you like, and enjoy the sun and sand.

Pro Tips:

  • Before preparing a beach wedding, three crucial factors must be considered: seating, ceremonial scenery, and venue.
  • To prevent the intense heat, seating should be partially covered or scheduled for a late afternoon event.
  • Even if the water is in the background, you should think about using a ceremony backdrop to create an attraction point.
  • Because some beaches are open to the public, you will want to choose an area that offers you some seclusion.


2. Nautical Wedding Theme

A nautical wedding has the appearance of adventure while also being tranquil. From ocean-inspired colour palettes to anchors and buoys, putting together a nautical-themed wedding is an intimate and timeless event. 

Pro Tips:

  • Use seafaring themes such as boats, stripes, navy blue, and emerald green.
  • Make sure your guests have sandals.


3. Sunflowers

Simple wedding theme ideas give you a lot of leeways to be creative and spontaneous. Choose eight colours for your palette. Combination of satin, velvet, and lace. Perform rock, pop, and country music. What connects it all? Sunflowers, for example, can be scattered throughout. This classic summer blossom provides delight the moment you see it and is the perfect emblem for your wedding

Pro Tips:

  • Use these motifs for weddings in the spring and summer.
  • This colour scheme should not be used in the winter.


Colourful Top Wedding Themes

Sometimes all you need to personalise your wedding theme is a distinct colour palette. For example, if you want to arrange a flawless outdoor wedding in the Spring, load your day with vibrant reds, hues, and florals.

4. Pastel Wedding

When it comes to summer wedding themes, pastels are the definition of “classy.” Flat-powder blues and greens appear to be at home with outdoor furnishings and a profusion of flowers. 

Wear your ideal wedding gown with a half-up-half-down hairstyle and understated accessories. A pastel, in our opinion, looks lovely while remaining in the background and allowing you to dominate the attention!

Pro Tips:

  • Use a range of pastel colours, such as pink, green, yellow, and blue.
  • Do not be hesitant to mix and match pastels.


5. Pop-art

POP is a type of art that stunned Western culture in the late 1950s and might be customised for your wedding day. 

You may celebrate your big day by enjoying vivid colours, sharp lines, fascinating patterns, and an appreciation for the basic things in life – like love – with a particular style of glamorising common goods.

Pro Tips:

  • Make use of eye-catching colours.
  • Remember to employ coloured lighting at your venue.


6. Art Deco Wedding

Some couples are just creative to the core. They have a love for the arts and an affinity for the creative. Although wedding reception themes can be a whole lot different here. One thought can be given a touch like enjoying your reception party in an art gallery setup.

Pro Tips:

  • Add gleaming shapes to your decor and details.
  • Use gold, black and dark green colour in your deco to glitter everything perfectly.


7. Modern Art 
Modern art purposefully rejects past values and boldly ventures into uncharted terrain. Unique wedding themes are perfect for couples that want to break away from tradition. Wear a traditional robe with running shoes if you choose. When you’re having fun, everything works.

Pro Tips:

  • There will be no seated supper.
  • Make sure the music isn’t too loud so that no one can hear you.


8. Rustic Wedding Theme
Rustic wedding theme is a popular wedding theme option, particularly among couples who wish to have a calm, laidback feel on their big day.

Pro Tips:

  • Rustic weddings should be laid-back, romantic, and spontaneous.
  • Maintain the emphasis on natural components.


9. Crazy Themed Wedding

Sometimes nerds are fortunate enough to meet, and their youthful appeal is what draws them together like magnets.

Fly your freak flag high and embrace the embarrassing aspects of yourself that make you unique and inseparable from the person you love. In particular, some wedding party themes which may give you more fun on your big day could be these.

  • Money Heist-


Add a thrilling twist to your wedding party with the theme derived from the Money Heist show. This theme will surely exhilarate all your guests.


  • Marvel or DC –


A thrill wedding theme with a superhuman experience. Club your childhood dream with the wedding dream – a perfect theme to have both your dreams come true at one place.


  • Gaming Theme –


It is definitely a one-of-a-kind theme.Add some fun to your wedding and surprise your guests with this unique wedding theme.


10. Fairytale Wedding Theme

The fairytale wedding theme is one of those lovely wedding designs that we all fantasised about when we were young girls. 

Most of us had visions of our favourite “princess” appearances, such as Cinderella in her white gown. As adults, we certainly want to add a more mature touch to this wedding look while retaining its beauty.

Pro Tips:

  • Choose a gown that symbolises your favourite Princess.
  • Colours should be used in accordance with the fairy tale you choose.
  • Use the same style as the character you’ve chosen.


Soulful Wedding Themes For Spring

Greenery, fresh flowers, and outside ceremonies – it’s best to honour nature in the spring. You’ll like these spring wedding themes – have a look!

11. Close To Nature 

Nature wedding themes are the best wedding themes that give lovely vibes when you surround yourself with plants, hanging vines from the rafters, and wear flowers in your hair.

Pro Tips:

  • Plan your event at a state park, a mountain lodge, near the lakeshore, or on a beach, and let nature be your backdrop.
  • Keep the decorations to a minimum since you want the natural surroundings to shine out.


12. Desert Chic Wedding Theme
Desert chic wedding themes take the symbolism of honesty, and resilience and juxtapose it with the common emotions associated with marriage. This is unexpected, unique, beautiful, and poetic.

Pro Tips:

  • Use succulents instead of standard flowers.
  • Provide hand fans and shade for your visitors.


13. Secret Garden Theme Wedding
Consider clearing in the early spring. Table arrangements, canopies, parasols, and lush plant life appear from nowhere. If you have a garden, great. Even better if you can find a secluded area in town! Nature set against bricks and cobblestone always makes for a stunning shot.

Pro Tips:

  • Do book your wedding at a vineyard or outdoor venue.
  • Don’t be afraid to work with multiple colour combinations to create a true garden feeling.
  • Use theme materials such as flower names and seeds throughout your theme.


Magical Wedding Themes for Winter 

With winter, you may either embrace it or warm it to the core. In any case, this season helps you have unique wedding themes as well as some excellent photography theme ideas. And it has one advantage over others: more alternatives! Because it’s chilly outside, you can layer up with attractive cardigans, fur stoles, or long-sleeved anything.

14. Ice-blue Wedding Theme

Ice blue wedding themes go best with a ‘winter wonderland’ motif. Combine design elements from Frozen, the Northern Lights, and (if you’re feeling really festive) Christmas decorations. There’s something fresh and purifying about the season, and it goes perfectly with weddings.

Pro Tips:

  • Accent with silver and other metals.
  • Experiment with lighting and shiny surfaces.
  • To avoid visual rivalry, use other colours sparingly.
  • Make plans to take some outside shots.


15. Winter Wonderland
For this super charming wedding theme, cover the ground with artificial snow, the ceilings with fake Evening Sky, and surround yourself with blue-lit twilight trees. When your guests arrive, they will feel as though they have just strolled through the storybook into Wonderland.

Pro Tips:

  • For the colour scheme, utilise light blues, whites, and silver.
  • Consider a one-of-a-kind location, such as a museum, estate, or lodge.
  • Don’t let your visitors become cold, therefore provide a nice and inviting fireplace during dining.


16. Maryland Christmas

This is definitely the most entertaining wedding theme ever. Decorate your hall in the same way you would for Christmas. But, make it romantic by exaggerating everything!

Pro Tips:

  • Have a huge chocolate buffet for people to enjoy.
  • Make distinctive beverages like the chocolatine, marshmallow crème de mint, or candy floss Prosecco cocktail.


17. Indian Wedding Theme

Do you want to have a destination wedding but can’t figure out the logistics? 

Then, why not bring the vacation to you?! 

Certain countries have distinct personalities, and some of these make for excellent wedding themes. This is all up to you. India is one of the most well-known countries in the world for most cultural weddings, and it is a wonderful place to spend your wedding day.

Pro Tips:

  • Do use neon and bright colours.
  • Do add special Indian food at the dining locations.
  • Do use traditional wedding decor.


18. Classic Wedding Theme

Classic traditional wedding themes and romantic wedding themes are unmistakable; after all, they have withstood the test of time. You can’t go wrong with a classic wedding theme, from classic romance themes to a typical white wedding.

Pro Tips:

  • Tall candlelight will assist to pull off this traditional concept, as well circular tables with long tablecloths.
  • Do feel free to alter the traditional things as you want to add interesting spices to your wedding.


Breathtaking Vintage Wedding Themes

Best Vintage Wedding Themes are some of the most creative wedding theme ideas originating from bygone periods. Certain epochs are romantic, exotic, and visually breathtaking. Perhaps you just believe you were born in the wrong decade, or that you have been reincarnated and have lived your finest life within a specific time period.

19. Ancient Greece

To begin our list, we have a romantic wedding theme. Ancient Greece is easily recognised and exquisite due to its distinct terrain, art, Gods, and attire.

Pro Tips:

  • Consider combining white, green, and gold colours, as well as gold décor pieces like huge candle holders, foliage swags, and white draping.
  • Long flowing skirts in a bohemian or Grecian design look amazing.
  • Find a place with pillars for the best backdrop.


20. The 20s Theme

Art Deco motifs and colours for your venue, as well as loose-fitting clothing that just feels good. Yard sales are great places to get DIY wedding theme ideas.

This is one of the cheaper wedding theme ideas since most of your decorations – like vintage tablecloths and table settings – can be found at yard sales.

Pro Tips:

  • Black suits with caps look excellent on men.
  • The vintage vehicles used for travel complete the theme.


21. The 50s Theme

The 50s Wedding ThemesWith the right bridal style, you may easily give your wedding a throwback atmosphere. The Baby Boomer generation might be designated the contemporary Golden Age.

Pro Tips:

  • Hire a live rock band.
  • Make use of bold colours.
  • For both clothes and home design, choose bold patterns or solid colours with basic textures.


We hope that after seeing a few conventional wedding themes and lots of nontraditional ones, you have a good idea of what sort of bride/bridegroom you are and what best portrays your Happily Ever After. 

If you’re still not sure, come back to this page in a few days to understand again. A re-read will definitely clear your mind and help you find what you want. Additionally, we’re always here to help. If you are planning and thinking of wedding themes in 2022, and not sure what will be the best for you – we are at your service!

From picking up the most exclusive wedding theme for you to customising and bringing it to reality, we will do it all. 

After all, we are EBS – the top and most-loved Professional Wedding Planner in Dubai.

What is your favourite wedding theme? Let us know in the comments below.


How to pick a wedding theme?

The season plays a huge role in theme selections, as does the location where you’re getting married. Your budget will be important as it will guide you in selecting a venue, theme and decor within your budget. Choosing colours is a daunting task and may take time. Hence, the decision must be made keeping all these factors in consideration.


Does my wedding need a theme?

A wedding theme gives you somewhere to start; also it helps you to make decisions on wedding decor and colours. You need a theme to keep the look uniform, or you risk turning your celebration into a chaos of different colours and decor elements. It can be a good filter when you don’t know what to choose.


What is a rustic wedding theme?

Rustic wedding style refers to anything that is a little rough around the edges, a little more organic, and a little more bohemian. Consider woodland weddings with leaves and branches as décor.


What colours go with a rustic wedding?

These colours include browns, tans, and deeper hues such as red, yellow, purple, navy blue, sage green and sunset orange.