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A wedding is one of the most beautiful and memorable days in everyone’s life. There’s nothing one can’t adore about weddings basically because it is an enthusiastic and emotional rollercoaster, with so many emotions lingering on people’s faces.
Wedding photographs hold an exceptional place in everyone’s hearts which depicts true sentiments of a bride, a groom, their families and relatives.
Weddings trends have changed drastically in the past few years. Nowadays, couples ask for candid wedding photography because it captures the moments of not only the couple but also the guests enjoying themselves without lining them up in front of the camera. They don’t want the traditional, standard photography anymore.

What Is Candid Photography?

Candid photography is about capturing genuine emotions, whether in the form of joy, sadness, or anything in-between on photos. Candid photography is growing increasingly popular, yet it is one of the most challenging photography styles because capturing honest moments is not an easy task.
Make your wedding day album even more interesting through priceless, off-the-cuff candid photos.

Why Is Candid Wedding Photography So Popular?

1. It captures the essence of the moment

Candid photos are innately beautiful, and that’s the reason why many couples choose for this kind of photography for their big day as it is the ideal method to move feelings to the photographs and make those moments everlasting.
It captures unique and precious moments when your grandmother laughing her heart aloud, your father sobbing in silence and many more. When the bride & groom and guests are lost in thought or absorbed in an activity, that time, the real emotion of the subjects are captured. This absent-mindedness gives you plenty of time to capture perfect shots, and the actual essence of natural expressions are maintained.

2. It captures fun

Candid Photography is just about the moments. There are so much emotion, fun, and high energy happening on a wedding day that lends effortlessly to capturing great candid shots. It includes moments like an easily overlooked laugh shared between two cousins or the bride & groom and their friends, moments between two families during wedding vows, and many more.

Capturing the fun moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making the guests/family/bride & groom pose will enable them to cherish those moments forever. It is also a perfect way to translate precious moments into some of a wedding’s most effortless photos.

3. It tells a unique story

As people say, a photograph merits a thousand words. Candid photos narrate a story of its own. When putting together in a wedding album, these photos can add to a unique wedding story, as all the real moments are captured in their natural state.

Another reason for being so popular is that candid photography creates a very special and emotionally powerful memory book which make every moment count. Meaningful candid shots will help you relive all precious memories of yours as the real story cannot be narrated from the typical photos where people are posing.

4. It adds a sparkle

Candid wedding photos add a sparkle to the entire thought by combining all the precious moments that are remembered both for the pre-wedding stage, during the wedding, and post-wedding. Some of the great candid shots such as when the groom sees his bride the first time walking down the aisle, couple dance, the fireworks, vidaai, post vows are best displayed on candid photographs. You can feel a connection even if you weren’t a part of it; otherwise, these moments look too fake if staged.

5. It adds a zing

Candid photographers are also responsible for adding that unique zing to the wedding photos by capturing all your wedding moments in a stylistic and elegant manner. Candid photos generally revolve around people, but it is essential to blend the moments with the destination.

The place in question add to the photo’s atmosphere and making them authentic and original. Just drop us a line 🙂