Top 4 Reasons To Choose Sri Lanka For A Destination Wedding

Srilanka for a Destination Wedding

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Sri Lanka For A Destination Wedding

Sri Lanka for a destination wedding was once considered a massive luxury. But thanks to cheaper flights, travel-loving people and better connectivity, it has turned into a prevalent trend today. Sri Lanka and exotic wedding destinations go hand in hand in the present times. It has recently become a rather popular destination for getting married for a host of distinct reasons.

Read on to discover the top 4 compelling reasons why you must choose Sri Lanka for a destination wedding!

1. Versatility

The best thing about getting married in Sri Lanka is perhaps the vast range of options it offers. You can choose anything and everything from a jungle-themed wedding, just the two of you getting married in a hot air balloon with a priest, a wedding at a white sandy beach with an elephant to a private island wedding. The possibilities are endless! You can even go for a private ceremony on the hilltop or a tea plantation wedding.

2. Affordability

Although beauty is a strong point to visit Sri Lanka and get married in this mystic land, an even more compelling reason is affordability. Indians absolutely love the place because it is a country not too far away and the flights to Sri Lanka from anywhere in the country are not very expensive. In addition to that, you can find several affordable stays in places like Kandy and Colombo for you as well as your guests without a worry. What’s more, the tax slabs in Sri Lanka are lesser as compared to India so you will not have to keep your expenses in check constantly.

3. Unmatchable Scenic Beauty

How would you like to get married on a massive deserted island with the backdrop of a mesmerizing sunset and the hypnotic sounds of waves? Yes, another one of the most convincing reasons to go for Sri Lanka for your ideal destination wedding is the unparalleled scenic beauty it offers. From stunning white sandy beaches to tea plantations and refreshing hilltops with enviable landscapes, Sri Lanka has something for everyone. In addition to that, the gastronomical experiences, cultural festivals, traditions, and handmade jewelry are simply divine. There are plenty of hotel venue options available too, top 5 of which you can read here.

4. Amazing for Guests

A wedding is incomplete without a hefty guest list, especially when we talk about Indian weddings. Guests are an integral part of the experience and hence, deserve some serious planning. Therefore, it is excellent news that your guests can also have a lovely time in Sri Lanka, irrespective of the venue you finally decide to select in this vibrant country. From activities such as bungee jumping and parasailing to wildlife safaris, Sri Lanka offers it all to keep your guests engaged and entertained.

So, if you are stressed out about what the destination of your fast-approaching wedding date should be, go for Sri Lanka, and you will not be disappointed! And if you are worried about any of the million details you need to take care of, you can always take the assistance of wedding planners. Get in touch with us to learn more!