7 gorgeous color combination for Indian wedding outfits

Gorgeous Color Combination

7 gorgeous color combination for Indian wedding outfits

For all the brides-to-be, is it time for you to start looking for your wedding dress yet? The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your wedding lehenga or wedding gown will be the color. So what’s better, choosing your favorite color or the color of the season? Or how about combining the two?

Because we know you will be combing the internet for the perfect wedding outfit color, we are here with some amazing color previews of the season. There is no way you can escape looking the best and feeling the best on your big day. So here you go.. 7 gorgeous wedding outfit color combinations only you for!

1. Blue & Gold

A pop of metallic gold and a hue of navy blue is ideal for an evening wedding or reception. If it’s an outdoor event, you can efficiently channel the line of a bright winter’s night sky and instantly add a touch of style through this color combination. Can be easily used for an Indo-western theme and works well with both, beautiful diamond and gold jewelry. Our recent favorite in this combination was Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas at the wedding reception in Mumbai. She looked stunning in a strapless blue and gold lehenga, which she accessorized with a massive diamond necklace. Simple, yet striking!


Priyanka Chopra Photo credit: Rediff.com

2. Blush pink and powder

If pastel is your thing, then a peachy pink or a blush pink and powder color palette is beautiful. Perfect for a morning Indian wedding ceremony, it would evoke the atmosphere making it bright and springy. When using this color combination for your wedding outfit, endeavor to add a touch of green to your décor. It usually pops great against a leafy green backdrop.

In fact, if you would love to add an extra touch to enhance the subtle nature of the muted peach, a bit of red or dark pink can make some great measure. It’s a color palette that helps you stylish yet very elegant for a day event.


3. Traditional red

Who’s ever gone wrong with this classic wedding color? Not only does this color produce an extra depth and feeling, but it’s indeed a color of energy and ambition. In Indian weddings, red represents prosperity. Day or night, summer or winter it’s perfect always! Combine it with green or gold if you may need to, it will quickly help you produce festive aesthetics and also bring in the shimmery glow as a bride. Clearly, our celebrity brides feel the same!


Sonam Kapoor Photo credit: Timesofindia.indiatimes.com 

4. Shades of Pink with Gold 

Pink is such a happy color, whereas gold symbolizes sophistication and shine. Together they are one of the most beautiful color combinations. Go soft and subtle with this classic pair, creating an opportunity for you to flaunt your personal style confidently. If choosing a dress with this scheme, make sure to use a lot of flowers in your wedding décor. Antique roses, hydrangeas, and pale pink peonies are some of the best options you could go for. You could also go all out and set the tone for your wedding theme as pink and gold. Your wedding invitations and favors could incorporate the two colors to give the first impression.


5. Maroon and gold

When you think of maroon and gold, you probably think dark and dull, but there’s more to it than just that. Certainly great for a winter wedding, especially indoor events where you need an alluring color to set an elegant mood for everyone. You can never be intimated by this color combo. It works great as a saree and lehenga, and for some of you out there looking for a twist, you could try going indo-western fusion. The darker color – maroon matches the need of a fashionista who loves an extremely charming appearance. So, set out for it.


6. All gold

Topping the list of many designers, all-gold wedding outfits have been in the running for a while now. Gold carries a royal and enchanting look and undoubtedly looks great on any human complexion. Mehndi, pheras or reception, it could work for any event. Choosing this color gives you the opportunity to go creative and bold with your wedding décor and lighting. From red to pink to blue, you can contrast it with colorful elements and make it look impressive.

Deepika Padukone Photo credit: Indianexpress.com

7. Mint green

Have not heard a lot of this shade have you!? While most traditional brides go for reds and pinks for the wedding and greens and blues for sangeet & cocktails, we’re loving the shift in the trend. Mint green, in particular, gives the bride a compassionate and feminine appearance. It’s so stylish and contemporary that it evokes a sense of style and uniqueness for your occasion. It blends well with a green garden background and also suits the atmosphere of a modern beach. So if you’re looking to be different, then don’t hesitate to go for this color.


Photo credit: Theweddingbrigade.com

A wedding is a wonderful occasion that needs to be planned carefully and attended to in every aspect. A wedding planner may be a great help in ensuring that everything goes according to plan and that the couple’s dream wedding is realized. The wedding venue’s design, which can range from basic and beautiful to over-the-top and grandiose, sets the tone for the entire event. The bride and groom’s wedding attire, as well as the bridal party’s attire, are significant elements of the day and should be carefully chosen to complement the couple’s individual tastes and the wedding’s overall concept. The couple can design a day that is exclusively theirs and one that they will never forget by including all these components.