All You Need to Know About Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding

All You Need to Know About Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is already a lot of work, and if you want to plan a destination wedding, it would require you to be more meticulous and organized. So, if you have already decided that you’re going to have a destination wedding, then this would be the right time to get in touch with some wedding and events planners to help you out with your planning. Don’t worry if you are someone who prefers the DIY style; you can still use a wedding planner to help you out with getting things done exactly the way you want!

There are many things that you need to know about when planning your destination wedding. This list will come in handy when you get started..!

1. Choose the Place You Like

A destination wedding is all about the place. So, you must select a location that you like. It is a good idea to go back to the basics and think about places that are close to your heart. If it is a beach that makes your heart sing, you know where you want your wedding to take place! Similarly, you can think about a city wedding, the mountains, your childhood village, etc. However, when choosing your destination, you must also keep other factors like its accessibility in mind. You need to make sure that all your guests, especially seniors reach your destination with ease and comfort.

2. Ensure You Have A Clear Idea About the Type of Ceremony

You must decide the type and the number of ceremonies that you want to have at your wedding from the very beginning because that will help you make informed choices about the destination and the venue. You must also have a clear idea about the scale of the event, ceremonies to be held, key people involved and the other entertainment you will need with it for example; DJ, dancers, live singers, stage, etc. Planning is key! 

3. Select the Venue & Accommodation

Another essential step in planning your destination wedding is the accommodation and the venue for all the ceremonies. So, once you know the ceremonies and the approximate number of guests, you can start looking for venues. This would depend on if you want the events to take place during the day or night, in a banquet hall or at some outdoor place. Don’t forget to take note of the season and time of the year too!

4. Send Early Invites to Your Guests

Sending invites on time is one of the most important things to ensure that all your loved ones make it to your wedding and make your day extra special. So, once your dates, destination, venue and events are finalized, you must start preparing your invites. In this digital age, you could also set up a website or just use e-cards. Request for an RSVP. This way, you will know that they are definitely attending your wedding. 

5. Plan the Trips

Finally, it is time to plan one of the most important trip(s) of your life. It is a good idea to visit the venue and have rehearsals to ensure everything goes smoothly. Do this not once, but a few times until you’re sure all your planning his in good hands. Get the wedding planner, hotel staff and other logistics teams involved so everyone gets a feel for what you’re expecting. Also ensure that you have all the travel tickets ready much before the wedding date. It always recommended to try and get some discounts from airlines for bulk bookings 🙂

These pointers can help you stay super organized and plan a perfect destination wedding that you and your guests will remember forever. Wedding and event planner companies play an essential role here, so you might want to check out the services they offer!