COVID-19: Not a Gloom for Wedding Couples

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COVID-19: Not a Gloom for Wedding Couples

COVID-19: Not a Gloom for Wedding Couples

As the wedding planner and founder of Events by Saniya, based in Dubai, I have seen a significant impact on the wedding industry in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. The outbreak of novel coronavirus has not only impacted the wedding sector but all the other industries around the world like Entertainment, Hospitality, Travel, Food & Beverages etc.

The Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disasters Management has issued a decision calling on the public to avoid gatherings and events and advised social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Gatherings and events include sharing food or drinks, sitting or standing very close together for long periods, and coughing on each other that can facilitate the transmission of the virus. Rather being disheartened, it’s time to come together and work on one cause.

Wedding Planning In the Era of Social Distancing

Despite being disappointed, you can either postpone your wedding celebrations or can take this opportunity to have a small wedding with the immediate family as the ultimate goal is to get married to the person you love most in the world.

Couples need to stay calm and get more creative with the preparations for their “big day” and re-examine what they can do to protect their family and relatives from this deadly coronavirus. Even though a wedding right now might not be the way it’s being dreamt, couples can still create beautiful memories with their loved ones taking necessary precautions.

Only the essential rituals need to do with an intimate group attending who are deemed healthy, ensuring that occasions remain a happy one for all concerned.

1. Practice good hygiene and physical distancing.
2. Ensure proper hand washing facilities and availability of tissues and sanitizers.
3. Please encourage your guests to wear masks and keep their hands clean and sanitized at all times.
4. If someone is unwell, they should not attend the gathering.

Use technology such as video calling or video conferencing so that everyone you love can witness the ceremony who aren’t able to attend and felt like an important part of your wedding. Once this has passed and the situation gets under control, throw a big reception, and celebrate with your loved ones.

Let’s pull together in hard times, and love always prevails. Everyone needs to work to defeat the virus, and we’re going to have a big celebration altogether.

“Our prayers go out to everyone affected, and as humans, we will come out stronger. Stay safe, take precautions and be responsible” – Saniya Wahi.

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