Essential Wedding Hashtag Tips


Essential Wedding Hashtag Tips

Weddings are one of the most exciting and joyous experiences for everyone. During the wedding celebrations, some brides usually ask their guests to unplug while others would allow their guests to take photos and also share them on social media. If you fall into the second category, it is quite cool to have a wedding hashtag! Your hashtag could be a single phrase or a string of characters that guests would tag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with some lovely photos to round up your wedding memories.

So, rather than using the standard convention, it’s a great opportunity to get creative and have a unique wedding hashtag that would also encourage a lot of online engagement. If you’re doing this, then you likewise also need to know the appropriate ways to incorporate the hashtag into your signage and décor so that your guests are aware of it. Here are some helpful tips on the how to’s:

1. Wedding hashtag with your names

For an easy wedding hashtag, start by using your names, nicknames or initials. You could also consider using some funny names your friends gave you in college that made you popular. This might be the appropriate time to embrace something exclusive and quirky that more people will remember and use.

In this age of technology, customised wedding hashtags have become very popular simply because it gives couples a unique coverage of their wedding on social media. It also makes it easy for friends and family from far and near to get the latest updates about the wedding.


2. Keep it easy to spell and remember

Make sure to use wedding hashtags that can be spelled easily so as to save confusion and spelling errors. Some well wishers who are not familiar with the names may misspell the hashtags and such would create different hashtags. Thus choose something that would always be easy to tag and remember.


3. Ensure the hashtag is unique

With wedding hashtags becoming more popular with every wedding, it is essential you choose something unique that has not been used before. You can always do a quick search on each social platform to find out if the hashtag you intend to use is original enough or has already something tagged to it. If you find it online, then simply have another go. Easiet way is to rearrange the names; so for instance, JackAndJane can be changed to JaneAndJack.


4. Promote the hashtag

Arriving at the most appropriate hashtag is only a step of the entire process. The next step is to promote the hashtag so that everyone that is involved in the wedding would get to know about it. This can be done by telling people about your wedding party and putting it on your save-the-date, wedding cards as well as wedding website.

Besides this make sure you’ve well covered your wedding event with reminders in case your guests have forgotten. You could arrange to have a cute sign placed at various spots to always remind people. This could match your décor and could be at the entrance, your stage or even placed on the tables. Leave this task to the wedding planners or event managers!



Hashtags are great for remembering the event and all the great moments shared by the couple and guest after the wedding. So get creative and don’t forget create something funky for yourself. The trend has taken off that well now that not many refer to the name of the bride and groom as much, it is certainly the hashtag that’s remembered!