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Personal & Corporate Events Management

Dedicated to managing all your events and making them a grand success

We are one of the top event planners Dubai, offering the following services in the broad domain of event management:


1. Event Planning


The very first step to any event management deal is its planning process. Therefore, we lay a good foundation right from the beginning and include you in the planning process. Once we have clarity on your vision of the event and precisely how you want it to take place, we brainstorm and run a plethora of ideas past you. We put in the required research and ensure that the details of the plan are as clearly delineated as possible. Once we agree with the plan, we begin its execution.


2. Event Execution


As they say, “The devil is in the details.” Planning a wedding or corporate event is one thing, and executing it is entirely another ballgame. This is precisely why we, at EBS, take great efforts to ensure that the execution part of event management goes as smoothly as possible. All our team members are on standby to ensure that if they foresee or notice the slightest hiccup, they can take care of it before it becomes a massive problem.


3. Themes


Themes are an integral part of any occasion, and we are a team of expert event organizers in Dubai that come up with the most versatile themes for your wedding and corporate events. At EBS, we firmly believe that boring parties are a thing of the past and in the present times, guests and attendees look for something with a bit more flair. Therefore, we organize all kinds of events with an inspired theme that promises the right kind of entertainment for attendees. Your guests will never have to be bored at any of your events again!    


4. Corporate Events


We take pride of all the local and destination weddings we’ve planned. But besides this, we also specialize in corporate events management in Dubai and Abroad. From Gala Awards nights to annual staff parties, gala awards, team building endeavors and product launches, we have extensive experience under our belt for hosting and executing corporate gatherings. What’s more, we do it with creativity and professionalism to ensure that the events live up to your expectations as well as those of the attendees.


5. Social Events


When it comes to social events, our varied entertainment solutions match our unique ideas to deliver perfect industry meet-ups and traditional occasions. We conceptualize social events to capture the attention of and intrigue the multi-lingual attendees. Social events are usually personal affairs that demand a personal touch. Therefore, we understand your motivations behind the cause and ensure that it turns out to be exactly how you envisioned it.


Your next corporate or social event need not be a boring affair! With a couple of striking and brilliant details, we can be your perfect partner to organize the truly special evening you have been looking forward to! Get in touch.