How to Virtually Plan Your Dream Wedding?

Virtual Wedding Planning - online wedding planning

How to Virtually Plan Your Dream Wedding?

The world is changing, so are we. The “new normal” still isn’t quite normal. No matter where you are in the world, you can still have a beautiful wedding. Technology has made it much easier to get your wedding planning accomplished; it just has to be virtual for the time being. Virtual planning can be pretty interesting and a hell lot of fun. A wedding planner by your side makes things easy and affordable for your dream wedding from your couch’s comfort.

Here’s how you can virtually plan the wedding of your dreams.

Pick a Date –

The world is encountering an influx of uncertainty; picking a wedding date might be difficult. Choosing a day far in advance is essential so that you can move forward with further planning.

Find The Perfect venue –

This pandemic has taught us one thing: ‘The Power of Technology.’ What better way to see the site in real-time from your couch than digital venue tours? Plenty of wedding venues are now offering virtual site tours via Face Time and Skype to see a panoramic view of the different event spaces. You can virtually “walk” through the event spaces with the venue’s on-site coordinator and discuss everything in detail.

Wedding Venue - Virtual tour of wedding venue

Choose Your Platform –

Worried about effective interaction with your wedding planner? There are several online platforms that you can choose from to strategize with your wedding planner. Consider a platform like Skype, Zoom, or Duo to communicate with your wedding planner and exchange your views without any obstruction.

Virtual Meeting - planning virtually through online platforms

Virtual Vendor Consultation –

Wedding vendors are one of the most important parts of wedding planning. Virtual consultations with the vendors, along with your wedding planner via Skype or FaceTime, are fabulous to get to e-meet each other. You can discuss everything in detail; they can show you the samples of their best work, send over links to past wedding galleries during these virtual meets.

Virtual Vendor Consultation - online meeting with virtual wedding planner and vendors

Virtual Pre-Wedding Events–

Consider hosting a virtual pre-wedding bash or bridal shower to spend some quality time with your family & friends. Get into the feel and set the mood for your big day, as it is best to cherish the moments with all the means one has. Choose a theme or have a dress code. Make it fun and interactive event to get everyone even more excited for the big day to come! Think something elegant or wacky to make things lit and light.

Pre-wedding Party - Hosting a virtual party

Everything is possible in today’s digital age, from planning to a virtual wedding. Virtual wedding planning makes it convenient for you to bring all the services at your finger-tips. A wedding planner can provide you with the easiest and trouble-free experience of wedding planning, ensuring nothing is overlooked, be it anything major or minor. They handle all the tedious, time consuming behind-the-scenes work making sure it is cost-effective and personalized just in accordance with your vision. Not only planning, but you can also live-stream your big day taking advantage of technology. Because “Love always finds its way and wins.”