Pre-wedding beauty tips for Bride-to-be

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Pre-wedding beauty tips for Bride-to-be

Amidst all the rush of the wedding planning, beauty care takes a back seat. More often than not, it just so happens that the wedding day look of the bride is left at the mercy of the beautician. Unfair as it sounds, it is just the story of every bride’s life!

Well if you think you are caught in the middle of this story as well and the preps are getting the better of you, here are a few beauty tips for your rescue.

Detox and Hydrate:

Let’s begin with the basics! The radiance comes from within and the easiest way to get that glow is to detox and hydrate. Try tweaking your diet to include more fruits and fresh veggies. You will notice the difference instantly as you would feel lighter and more energetic. Hydrate!! A minimum of 8 ounces of water would get you there so sip on!


‘Beauty isn’t skin-deep’, people say. Well… skin deep is exactly what you should focus on and exfoliation is the key. Just switch to an exfoliating face-wash for regular exfoliation or whip up a home-made scrub with oats, milk and honey. Exfoliation will re-energise your skin making it look fresh as dew, and if you can, SPA is the keyword!!!

Stick to your mani-pedi schedules:

While you’re constantly on your toes with the preps, don’t forget to take care of your feet and hands. Schedule your manicure and pedicure with the professionals as early as possible and stick to it. Well-manicured hands and prim feet will definitely win you brownie points on your wedding day J

Shine that Smile:

Your pearly whites are going to be the centre of everyone’s attention and etched in photo frames forever, so start by using special whitening toothpaste. If you want faster results don’t hesitate to go for teeth whitening strips or dentist sessions; however, don’t go overboard. Natural is the way to go!

Test-run your make-up:

Last-minute make-up debacle is a nightmare. So pick-up that kit and go for a test-run! While you are already investing long hours in detailing your wedding day, invest a couple more in detailing your look. If you have a stylist in mind, get together and plan your look; and… do a demo! A demo never hurt anyone, more so, it might actually equip you with a counter-attack plan for everything that can go wrong on the Big-day!


They don’t call it beauty-sleep for no reason! Remember, concealer may hide your dark circles but it won’t hide your fatigue. So catch-up on your 7-8 hours of sleep as much as possible.


From the ‘pheras’ to the non-stop dancing, you will need your stamina on your wedding day. Our suggestion, just walk-it-up! Include an hour of walk in your daily routine. It will not only ship-shape your stamina but will also give you a much needed break from your preparation-madness.

Wedding planning isn’t easy, definitely not for the bride. There’s so much to do in such little time that it can become overwhelming. And this is where roping in the professionals can save you all the trouble! The right wedding planners can work with you and shoulder your responsibilities to bring your dream wedding to life so that you can focus less on the preparations and more on yourself. Remember, on one of the biggest days of your life, you deserve to look your best!