‘Small is Beautiful’ – Intimate Weddings


‘Small is Beautiful’ – Intimate Weddings

A small wedding is top of the trend in the post-covid world. Couples are opting for an intimate wedding to celebrate their love in these uncertain times. Events By Saniya recently organized an intimate wedding of 17 people at one of the most beautiful wedding venues of Dubai, Park Hyatt Dubai.

Saniya Wahi, the proud owner of Events by Saniya, reveals her take on the changing wedding culture from a big fat Indian wedding to a small intimate wedding celebration.

So read on….

A Note from Saniya Wahi:

As wedding planners we are tuned to live in this world where weddings are so grand, epitome of grandness and everything from the venue to décor to food layouts is just big and huge.

Doing this for a decade now and all and the only thought that comes in – is a big wedding. When I close my eyes and think about the wedding- It will be a big baraat procession, fireworks, a huge buffet laid out, dancers, and the band. As planners going over sleepless nights and managing guests that range from 500-700 people. Doing this in and out, every passing year and every passing season. Planning weddings for months and having timelines that range from 12-16 months or even more- we were tuned to see this as the only way.

Everything was good, working beautifully as ever. Came covid and smash, there it goes down.

No more weddings first and then smaller weddings. The question was what are smaller weddings? How do we do this? Is it easy or is it something that will be so boring and dull as it will not have a huge crowd dancing?? So many questions and no answers till we planned the most beautiful wedding of 17 people. On my first call with the bride’s mother- Monica, she told me how she wanted to see her daughter walk down the aisle in the most beautiful attire and the most stunning mandap.

She said- and I do still remember her words clearly- “Saniya, even if it’s just us I still want to see my daughter being married the way she imagined- everything needs to look beautiful and planned like we would have not had it any other way.”

To be honest, I was hesitant that we would be able to pull it off- how will a 15 – 20 people wedding look like? 

So many questions- It will be dull, there will be no dancing? The décor will be average if it’s just less people.

Thankfully, we took it up as we fell in love with the family. They did really want to get married and wanted their wedding to be a fairy tale in its own way.

How We Did This.

As EBS- we did not take this wedding as a small wedding – we put in our efforts like we do for a 200 or 1000 people wedding which included time flows, sheets and yes, our famous weekly calls. Though we progressed and made us realize that it was so pretty. Everyone who attended was so close to the couple and wanted it so special.

They did not treat it small either- had the best makeup artist to the best bands and of course the most beautiful mandap and décor for all the events. We had so much fun planning this, and realized the beauty of small weddings. Started from the mehndi, the ceremonies, sangeet, wedding and reception. No leaf was left unturned.



As a wedding planner we had the most fun planning it, every little detail was much more important than a bigger affair. It taught me personally that it does not have to be the big fireworks, or a crowd that makes it so important but the couple and their closest knit that does.

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