Ten most common mistakes people make when planning their wedding


Ten most common mistakes people make when planning their wedding

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. It is also a day when you want everything to be perfect to make it extra special. However, there are some prevalent mistakes that people make while planning their weddings.

Let’s check out the ten most common mistakes that people make while planning their big day!

1. Not Hiring A Planner

Many times, couples decide to take up the task of wedding planning by themselves to ensure that everything goes as per their wishes. However, it is definitely one of the most drastic mistakes they can make. Hiring a wedding planner not just takes away all your worries about planning the wedding but also dramatically reduces the overall cost because they have the right experience to get things done in a given budget.

Going with Trends and Not Doing What You Want

2. Going with Trends and Not Doing What You Want

It is essential that you go with what you truly like and not what the latest trend is. After all, it is your day, and you would remember it for years to come. Your choice is the best choice!



Wedding budget

3. Not Having A Budget

Fixing a budget is vital to keep a check on your spending. You don’t want to end up losing all your savings on your wedding. So, make a realistic budget and stick to it! Split the total in the number of functions you plan to have and this would make the process easier. Your wedding and event organiser will sure help you with this.



Wedding photographer

4. Not Spending on Essential Things

You must not make the mistake of saving money on essentials like photographers and videographers. These two things would stay as a memory forever. Therefore, you can cut down on other things but don’t cut down on this. Save & spend wise!



 5. Including Everyone in Planning Your Wedding

You must be wise while choosing the people whose help you want in planning your wedding. Too many people and their opinions might cause clutter. Thus, go with your heart because you and your core team matter the most at your wedding and not what other people think.

 6. Taking Too Many Tasks Upon YourselfTaking Too Many Wedding Tasks Upon Yourself 

Another mistake that many couples make is taking too many tasks upon themselves and forgetting to enjoy their own wedding. Therefore, you must delegate tasks to people you trust or just hire a wedding planner who would take care of everything so that you are free to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.




Wedding guest list

7. Not Checking the Guest List Personally

Never make the mistake of not going through the final guest list personally. It is your day, and so, you must have the people you genuinely love share it with you. Don’t forget, inviting too many you don’t know personally will also increase your spend.



Wedding food planning
8. Not considering all the factors while making food choices

Some people make the mistake of not considering the demographics of their guests before making the food choices. Food is unarguably one of the most important considerations at a wedding and your guests would have the time to enjoy it more than you. So, make sure you consider all the factors before deciding the dishes and cuisines.

9. Choosing A Destination That Is Not Easily Reachable

You must be careful when choosing a wedding destination or location (if in the same city) and not go for something where logistics could be challenging to manage. Refer back to your guest list here, check the demographics of the majority and then decide. You must consider how older people would get there too.

10. Starting A Crash Diet Crash diet before wedding

As a bride as much as you want to look the best at your wedding, thin and graceful that is, avoid going on a crash diet. Unless you have a nutritionist planning your diet, doing this right before your wedding could reflect on your face and you might lose your natural glow. So stick to your routine!

If you take care of these ten common mistakes or better yet, hire top wedding and event planners, you can save yourself a whole lot of trouble and disappointment on your wedding day! Good luck J