The Best Arabic Entertainment for A Classy Event

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The Best Arabic Entertainment for A Classy Event

Arabic entertainment is a worldwide phenomenon today and having a bit of Arab flair & pizzazz at your upcoming event can definitely uplift the entire evening. Traditional Arabic entertainment is full of colors and local talent that promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the audience. Irrespective of the kind of the event you are hosting, be it a corporate function, a private party, a dinner party or a wedding, these professional and impressive acts can be the highlight of any occasion.

Here, we share with you a wonderful selection of Arabic entertainment that will take your breath away!

1. Fire Tanoura Show

The Tanoura Show is the best way to indulge all your guests in this dare-devil dance show. Tanoura in English means “skirt,” and this folkloric dance is designed to impress viewers. Seeing a professional Tanoura dancer in action will make your head spin in the best way possible. The dancer will twirl and twist in mesmerizing ways, and it is bound to leave your guests absolutely awestricken.

 Fire Tanoura Show

2. Belly Dancing

Arabic entertainment cannot really be complete without a healthy dose of belly dancing. Arabic belly dancing is extremely popular as the perfect way of charming audiences while you tap your feet to the unmistakable and rhythmic sound of a tambourine. These belly dancers are professionals and let’s just say they do more than just a belly jiggle to present an applaud-worthy spectacle for an audience.

  Belly Dancing  Belly Dancing

3. Oud Player

Oud is one of the most versatile musical instruments out there, and an Arabic Oud player is as good as it gets. This ancient musical instrument is played with perfection and finesse by musical maestros to be the life of any event. The fact that this instrument still lives on in the modern world is a testament to just how magical it is. Oud players play this vibrant instrument with dexterity, and the musical notes are said to mesmerize any audience effortlessly.

 Oud Player

4. Sand Artist

Sand Art can be another one of those breathtaking Arabic shows that awaken an audience’s sense of wonderment. These shows illustrate a unique story with sand on a projected screen. Sand artists are talented individuals who can relate stories with just sand and a canvas to evoke unparalleled emotions in your guests. This kind of unique Arabic entertainment is perfect for corporate events, product launches as well as private functions.

Sand Artist
5. Egyptian Dabke

Dabke is a group dance which is as energetic as it gets. This dance is native to the Levant and is performed by Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians, etc. This folkloric dance will get your blood pumping, your adrenaline in full swing and your feet tapping in tandem with the music. This Arabic entertainment is ideal for a pre-wedding event or ritual to indulge all the guests as well as the happy couple.

Egyptian Dabke  Egyptian Dabke

Nothing beats an excellent Arabic entertainment or spectacle when you are looking to entertain some guests at an important event, and these 5 are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more types of entertainment you can avail at your next grand event for some good old Arabic fun! As wedding planners, we take control of the complete artist management and make sure logistically it’s all arranged for. Get in touch if you’re looking for these at your next event.