The Perfect Color Combinations for Your Wedding Decor

The Perfect Color Combinations for Your Wedding Decor

When it comes to wedding planning, selecting the proper colour scheme is critical to producing a stunning and harmonious wedding décor. From the invites to the table settings and everything in between, colour combinations may establish the tone for the entire event. But, with so many hues and tints to select from, deciding which ones to use can be difficult. This blog will go over five great colour combinations for your wedding decor that will ensure a magnificent and unforgettable celebration.

Top 5 Wedding Color Combinations

Pink and Yellow Color Combinations

Pink and yellow are popular wedding colour combinations because they create a bright and happy ambience. These hues, when utilised together, can lend a lively and whimsical touch to the décor. Use blush pink and buttercup yellow for a more romantic atmosphere, while hot pink and lemon yellow can produce a more vibrant and exuberant atmosphere. This colour scheme can be used for everything from bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements to table settings and wedding cakes.

Red Color Combinations

Red is a strong and dramatic hue that is frequently connected with love and passion, making it a popular option for weddings. It may create a dramatic and elegant ambience when combined with the proper colours. You may create a timeless and classy colour scheme by combining red with white or ivory. Consider mixing red and black to create a modern and chic mood for your wedding décor if you want to add a touch of edge. Gold accents can also be used to lend a touch of elegance to the décor.

Purple and White Color Combinations

Purple and white are a timeless colour combination that can evoke a dreamy and romantic mood, and is one of the best purple wedding themes. These hues, when utilised together, can offer a sense of elegance and sophistication to the wedding décor. Use lavender and lilac for a gentle and delicate look, or deep purple tones like eggplant or plum for a more dramatic effect. These hues, when combined with white, may create a fresh and timeless colour scheme that can be used for everything from flower arrangements and bridesmaid dresses to wedding invitations and table settings.

Pink and Red Combinations

Mixing pink and red may appear to be a risk, but when done well, it may result in a stunning and romantic colour scheme. These colours work nicely together and can lend a lively and whimsical touch to the wedding décor. For a more classic and elegant aesthetic, choose blush pink and deep red, or brighter tones like hot pink and cherry red for a more dynamic and active ambience. This colour scheme can be used for everything from bridesmaid gowns and floral arrangements to table settings and wedding favours.

Pink and Black Combinations

Pink and black is a sophisticated and glamorous colour combination that can lend a touch of refinement and glamour to your wedding décor. When combined, these colours produce a dramatic and powerful aesthetic that is ideal for a modern pink and black wedding theme. You can use blush pink and charcoal black for a more delicate and elegant style, or hot pink and jet black for a more stunning and daring impact. This colour scheme can be used for everything from bridesmaid dresses and floral arrangements to wedding invitations and table settings.

Tips to choose the best Wedding Color Combinations

Consider your venue:

While choosing your colour scheme, consider the colours and design of your wedding site. Your colour scheme should complement and enhance the overall ambience of the room.

Look to the season:

The season can have a significant impact on your colour choices. Delicate pastels and light tints are ideal for spring and summer weddings, while rich jewel tones are ideal for fall and winter weddings.

Think about your personal style:

Choose colours that you love and that symbolise you as a pair for your wedding day to express your particular style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours to achieve a one-of-a-kind and individualised design.

Consider your bridesmaids’ dresses:

Your bridesmaids’ dresses will be a key part of your colour scheme, so pick a colour that looks good on everyone. Consider utilising multiple tones of the same hue if you have a large bridal party to create a unified yet diversified image.

Don’t forget about your groom and groomsmen: The attire of the wedding groom and groomsmen might also influence your colour scheme. Pick a hue that flatters everyone and goes well with your bridesmaids’ gowns.


Selecting the proper colour scheme for your wedding decor is critical to achieving a stunning and harmonious appearance. Whether you want a classic and elegant wedding or a vibrant and trendy one, there is a colour scheme for you. You can choose a colour scheme that expresses your distinct taste and vision by taking into account your personal style and preferences, as well as the overall theme and ambiance you want to create.


How many colors should I use for my wedding color scheme?

The number of colors to use for a wedding color scheme is subjective, but it’s recommended to stick to 2-4 colors to keep the overall look cohesive.

What is the lucky color for a wedding?

In many cultures, red is considered the lucky color for weddings as it symbolizes love, passion, and prosperity.

What are 4 colors that go well together?

Four colors that go well together are known as analogous colors, which are adjacent on the color wheel. For example, yellow, green, blue, and violet or pink, red, orange, and yellow-orange.