Top 5 color trends for your wedding decor this season

Trends of Wedding Decor

Top 5 color trends for your wedding decor this season

Planning a winter wedding?? Besides thinking of all the shopping and bookings you need to do, now is an excellent time to also discover the most color trends for your wedding décor. It’s essential to choose the right colors for your wedding day since this also plays a huge part in the overall style, theme and the mood you’re trying to create.

For the décor themes; from rustic, minimalist to hand-made, vintage, and formal, you have plenty options to choose from. But we need to choose combinations that makes your big day glitter. You need to go “woaah” and not just “ummm”!! So therefore, to make this read more insightful, we’re sharing 5 color themes that we think would work great this season for your indoor and outdoor wedding events.

1. Gold + Peach + Green

An outdoor wedding gives you an instant green ‘carpet’. For best effect, let mother natures greenery surround this color palette of gold and peach. You can throw in a few white elements to further enhance the look, for example add white flowers to the chairs, underlining table cloth or even a table center piece. Peach is naturally a flattering shade so can easily work into your attire, from bridesmaid dresses to buttonholes and pocket squares. Here’s a visual example of this combination we used for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Dubai with the mandap and table setup.

2. Tangerine + Orange + Yellow

Go colorful, go crazy, go orange! There is no other combination that would lift your spirits in a better way than this one and get you into a celebration mood. Great choice for a Sangeet, Mendi or Haldi, it can work well both indoors and outdoors. Let the flowers do most of the talking with this palette by incorporating white backdrops, accent mirrors and simple table settings. The trio is a combination that could be easily integrated into your attire and even giveaway favors for guests. Just remember that if not used correctly, this combination could look very loud, therefore make sure you balance it out by subtly adding some pretty ivory and green elements wherever possible.

3. Emerald + Red + Purple

Don’t believe this would work well? Trust us, it does! This color palette has been on the rise in 2018, and we don’t see it stopping for 2019. Niche and elegant, it’s extremely deep and looks very sophisticated. Lighting is the most important element in this theme and therefore we suggest you to make sure your chosen venue provides you everything required for putting up beautiful long chandeliers, backlights and candles. Besides there is nothing like red for an Indian wedding, would work well indoors for a cocktail, pheras or reception. Here’s one for reference from our wedding décors in India.



4. Blue & Silver

Here comes our favority color- blue!! If you’re looking for a sparly event, then this it. Unique and calm, this ‘snowy’ combination has the ability to visually engage your guests and make them feel awesome. Wedding reception, anniversary or even a personal celebration event, this décor theme works perfectly for all. Adding some floor candles placed around the stage and specific décor pieces can evoke a beautiful, romatic yet classy feel.


5. Sage + Gold + Ivory

There is no doubt that this is a classic, but it simply never fails to impress! With such a versatile color combination, lean on your venue and seasonal weather to inspire the décor. If you’re getting married on a beautiful morning in an open lawn, garden or farmhouse, you can allow space to inspire the decor aesthetic. For a ballroom, garlands of greenery and ivory anemones can evoke a high-end look. There is a lot to work with when it comes to decor with this color combination, so the possibilities are endless!

Besides the above, there are a lot of other color combinations that can be tried and worked together. So if there is a anything different and quirky you have in mind, get in touch and speak to us! We would love to create something bespoke for you and your big day!