Top 5 Wedding Rules You Must Definitely Follow


Top 5 Wedding Rules You Must Definitely Follow

Weddings are joyous events for everyone involved, including the happy couple. That said, a lot goes into preparing for the big day, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong. This is why there must be some wedding rules or checklist that you can go back to if things don’t seem to be going too smoothly. On the other hand, if you want to block the hurdles completely, there are certain wedding rules that you can follow to ensure that everything goes without a hiccup.

Here they are!

1. Send across a wedding invite if you have sent someone a “Save The Date!”

If you sent a “Save The Date” to someone, you MUST send them a wedding invite. Even If it’s to a friend or family member who did not RSVP or mention that he/she could not attend the wedding, send them a wedding invite regardless. The guest should not feel like he/she has been uninvited for saying no! Therefore, send an invitation and save yourself the trouble of offending someone!

2. Remember that it is your day in the end!

Couples usually forget to take it all in and enjoy their wedding day. After all, it is THE DAY for the bride and the groom! Remember to not make it all about hosting the occasion or trying to impress your guests. Suggestions are always welcome, but do not sway to something that they want and you don’t. Leaving all judgements aside, simply remember to enjoy the most memorable day of your life.

3. Just have fun!

This is the most important for everyone at a wedding, especially for the to-be-newlyweds. The wedding day will go by in a blur, faster than you can imagine! Therefore, ensure that you participate in all the celebrations and rituals as well as have fun as a couple. Celebrate your love and your commitment to marriage as this will be the first of many happy days together.

4. Set a budget and DO NOT cross it!

It is easy to get carried away when planning a wedding. There are a lot of things to remember and even more to take care of. Therefore, it is easy to set a budget but not stick to it and end up losing all of your savings. Remember that it is a long life you both have to live after the wedding day. Therefore, fulfill all your wedding day dreams and spend prudently, BUT whatever you do, STICK TO THE BUDGET!

5. Do not try to emulate someone else’s wedding!

The absolute worst thing you can do when planning your wedding is trying to emulate a friend’s or a family member’s wedding day. Remember that it is not a competition and you are a unique couple with a unique set of expectations for your wedding day. Create your own memories and keep them unique and special for yourselves.

Simply remembering these 5 golden wedding rules can make your day go by as smoothly as you had always dreamed it to be. However, always keep little room for the unexpected. Unforeseen issues are a part of life and weddings are no exceptions. If you are still unsure about certain aspects of the big day, you can take the assistance of a wedding planner and leave all the troubles to the professionals! J