Trending floral décor ideas for this summer

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Trending floral décor ideas for this summer

Flowers add a flavor to any event. From the all-accessorized Indian wedding to a simple statement western style, no wedding décor is complete without the floral details. There is something about them which makes hearts bloom just as pretty!

So, amongst the many options of floral décor that can overwhelm you when making a decision, we’ve listed some latest up and trending floral décor to pick from. From chic and simple to overload of colours, we present to you some floral decorations and centre pieces which have stolen hearts at our recent wedding planning.


Roses are all time favourites! The variety in colours is a sheer delight and the fragrance of course is just right to set a heavenly tone to any setting. Variations of roses themselves when set with greens offer a delightful arrangement with lots of colours.


This is yet a combination we adore! We’ve used Roses and Carnations as centre pieces for dining setting at multiple weddings, and each time it’s better than before. It gives the arrangement a fuller look and adds joyful colours to the décor.


When we talk of an Indian wedding and flowers, missing out on marigolds seems just criminal. Whether you use streams of it or whether you simply use the petals, you can just never go wrong with Marigolds. The bright colours of marigold add a spark to any traditional setting.


Pillars of baby roses and normal roses are just the right thing if you are going for a minimalist look. From placing it at the entry to complementing the seating arrangements, these pillars work great in all settings.


If you are looking at having a stylish yet simple décor for your wedding, fake orchids are your best friend. The artificial versions of large orchids are available in subtle colours and they certainly look stylish. The best part is that while they complement any other flowers, and are light on your pockets too!


You would be pleasantly surprised at how well artificial flowers can complement any décor. From minimalistic to overload, fake flowers can transform the look and feel of a place. We used floral arches for giving a ‘Garden-of-Eden’ kind of look and it turned out magnificent! All artificial floral details are not only hassle-free to set-up; they are also easy to maintain.


If you are thinking of going big with the floral décor, we recommend Roses and Ivy. They look grand and enhance the celebratory look. Here’s a glimpse of an outdoor setup we created that was enhanced with beautiful lighting.


Blue roses as centre pieces are just to-die-for! They are simple to arrange. They also look unique, chic and pleasant, summing up a statement look.


Roses can be used in any and every combination. Here’s yet another combination of roses and baby’s breath that look great for grand centre pieces as they give a fuller look to the arrangements.


Baby’s breath, also known as Gypso is most commonly used in floral arrangements. They are mostly used with other flowers, but we tried something else! Floral arrangements focused only on the delicate texture of the Gypso looks not only very dainty, but also very holistic on its own.

combination of Roses and Gypsophilas

We’ve had a lot of fun with the floral arrangements at all our wedding planning projects. You can pick from any of our all-time-charming arrangements and bask in the beauty! If you’ve got questions or want to know of any other combination, just drop us a line 🙂