Top 11 Amazing Wedding Technology Trends in 2022

Wedding Technology

Top 11 Amazing Wedding Technology Trends in 2022

Weddings are getting bigger and more lavish than ever. All celebrations, from wedding ceremonies to receptions and everything in between, are outreaching new levels of entertainment and excitement—all thanks to available wedding technology.

The use of modern technology in the wedding industry is gaining immense popularity owing to the convenience and innovation it offers. Right from planning to sending wedding invites and capturing the big day, wedding technology has replaced most conventional elements and simplified the entire process.

Check out these amazing technology wedding trends that can glam up your big day and make it a memorable affair.

1. Wedding Drones for Capturing Precious Moments

Couples and guests are usually more excited about wedding photos and videos. Although drone technology is not new, the way it captures your precious wedding moments is!

It is one of the most popular high-tech wedding ideas used for capturing breathtaking shots, and creative angles during your big day. With this innovative aerial technology, it is easier to capture group shots and candid moments. 

Whether it’s a backyard wedding or a beach destination wedding, drones can help you emphasize the scenic beauty of your wedding venue, which makes your photos and videos even more interesting.

A mix of drone and traditional photography adds a wow factor to your wedding.

2. Tech Wedding Rings

Modern high-tech wedding rings are another popular trend in 2022. Several jewelry brands have started integrating smart technology into traditional wedding rings to make them more stylish and useful. 

You can pair these rings with your smartphone via Bluetooth and receive notifications of incoming calls, emails, and messages. 

The future of smart wearable wedding rings looks bright as it has plenty of uses besides being fashionable.

Smart rings can monitor health-related parameters like BP (Blood pressure), temperature, heart rate etc.

  • It can keep a track of the number of steps you walk in a day, calories burned and distance traveled.
  • You can even make cashless payments with this wearable technology.


3. A GoPro Bridal Bouquet

How about hiding a little GoPro camera in the bridal bouquet to record the most beautiful and unforgettable part of the aisle walk? Trust us, it’s unique and super fun.

You can ask your florist to leave a spot for a mini camera that will capture your entrance and truly unforgettable candid moments. By adding this wedding tech, you can get a close-up view of everything, including the expressions on your guests’ faces, the parental handoff, and your wedding vows.

Everyone is going to love your wedding video as it will have wonderful shots skillfully captured by this techy miniature camera.

4. GIF Photobooth

Take your guests’ experience a step further with this techy wedding trend — the GIF photo booth. 

You definitely can’t skip having a wonderful photobooth as it is an excellent platform for you and your guests to have fun and make memories. It raises the bar for your selfie game and adds flair to your wedding photos.

Modern technologies deliver animation in the form of GIFs rather than a still image. You can get a few pictures merged together in a shareable format in addition to the traditional prints. Moreover, you can use photo editing software to create stunning galleries and albums that can be uploaded.

5. Wedding Live Streaming

Live streaming your big day for those who can’t attend is one of the coolest technology wedding trends so far. This has become the new norm since we’re all getting used to socializing and attending events virtually. 

The best part about live streaming is that it is both easy and essentially free. You can go live on any platform — Facebook Live, Zoom, Twitter Periscope, Instagram TV, YouTube Live, and Amazon Twitch. Some wedding venues let you set up your own live stream, and some include it in their wedding packages. Either way, it’s a fantastic way to record and save your wedding day. 

There are a few things to remember when live streaming your wedding day.

  • Make a group and ask your virtual attendees to join.
  • Make a schedule of your broadcasts and share it.
  • Select an individual to manage the live stream.
  • Pick a location for the tripod setup.
  • Check internet connectivity before going live.
  • Test the audio and video on the live stream.
  • Go live 10 minutes before the ceremony begins.


6. Selfie Sticks & Charging Stations

You can set up a variety of entertainment options, from food stations to ice-breaker games, for your wedding guests to enjoy. 

Photo booths have undoubtedly been a traditional wedding reception activity for years. How about modernizing the concept, though? 

Taking a selfie is common nowadays, so it’s inevitable that your guests will take them at your reception. Why not make it interesting? Gather a lot of selfie sticks and place one on each table. It’s a great way to capture the wedding and keep your guests entertained at the same time.

Additionally, you must have phone charging stations. Just arrange a variety of cords (for Androids and iPhones), and place them on a cocktail table at your reception. These are the best ideas to keep the party going.

7. Robot Bartenders

The next big technology wedding trend in 2022 will be the satellite bar. Let a robot bartender make and serve your guests delectable cocktails throughout the wedding. There is no need to wait in line anymore. These hi-tech robots will even cut out any human errors.

Robot bartenders are easily available for purchase or rent; some resemble Keurigs, while others have robotic-looking “hands” and “arms” offering a range of vintage drinks. 

This cool and innovative technology will surely create a huge buzz and add a memorable twist to your wedding ceremony.

8. 3-D Printing

Nowadays, almost everything can be 3D printed. So it would be a great tech idea to include in your wedding.

Couples and wedding planners are leveraging 3D technology to choose the ideal venue through 3D virtual tours, plan their wedding decor through 3D mock-ups, and employ 3D printing for the bride and groom’s wedding cakes.

The bakers make amazing cakes with some 3-D printed shapes on the top and sides to give them a modern touch. Companies like Shapeways offer a unique range of 3-D printed items that make for unforgettable wedding favors for your guests.

9. E-Wedding Invites

The wedding cards are among the most significant aspects of Indian weddings. Receiving an invitation means that you have a special place in the marriage. 

When everything is driven by technology, why not use it to create your wedding invitation cards? 

E-invites are the future. They look modern, attractive and have numerous benefits.

  • E-wedding invitations are less expensive than printed ones. This could have a significant impact on your budget, and you could decide to use the additional savings for other expenses. 
  • You can save a lot of time with an online invitation as you don’t have to deliver or mail it personally.
  • Couples can get creative with invitation styles.
  • E-invites are driving away paper invitations, which can significantly help in saving the environment.


10. Virtual Wedding Planning

We’re fortunate to live in a digital era where everything is easily accessible, videoconferencing is on our screens and wedding planning can be done from the comfort of your home. 

Planning a wedding virtually can be fun and budget-friendly. Once you’ve shortlisted your ideal wedding venues, reach out to the venues and arrange your virtual site tours. You can also record your video calls and watch them later.      

It’s easy to set up a meeting for a preliminary consultation over Skype or FaceTime with videographers, photographers, and other wedding vendors. They can take you through samples of their masterworks, offer you links to galleries from previous weddings, and discuss other things in detail. 

This wedding trend makes for a memorable experience!

11. Tech Wedding Gifts

Hi-tech wedding gifts are a huge trend nowadays. The days when dining sets, gold and cash were the only presents we could envision are completely gone. People now prefer to give tech wedding gifts in this digital age. 

Traditional gifts are undoubtedly special, but modern technology is surely attractive. There are some amazing options that you can consider as a wedding gift.

  • Action Camera to capture the best moments.
  • Cherish unforgettable memories in a Digital Photo Frame.
  • Great ambiance with Smart Mood Lights.
  • Wireless Charger Power Bank for convenience.
  • AI-Enabled Smart Speakers for the best music experience.
  • Other ideas include a Smart Home Security System, Temperature Control Smartmug, iRobot, Projector, Air Fryer, etc.


Wrapping Up

A tech-savvy wedding is the new normal. It enhances your guests’ experience, streamlines last minute changes, and makes it easy for everyone to create new memories.

So, which wedding technology trend are you most excited about?

How would you use a drone in a different way?

What style will you pick for your e-wedding invitation?

It’s better to raise these questions and come up with a decision.

We have our eye on emerging technology wedding trends and we’ll keep you updated when we find something new and interesting.