Top Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Dubai


Top Places for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Dubai

Dubai is the epitome of beauty. Dubai is the perfect place for a pre-wedding shoot that has everything, from adventure to romance. You will feel strong attraction towards the spectacular landscape, vast deserts, skyscraper buildings and gorgeous beaches in Dubai. We explore some of the perfect locations in the Dubai that can set the ground running for fulfilling your utmost desire of a memorable pre-wedding shoot.

Desert Safari

It’s the first thing that crosses one’s mind and probably the most popular choice for wedding photographers. For couples who love thrill, this is a perfect place in Dubai. Just let your bright outfits flow with the natural breeze and add a striking contrast to the low-lit sand dunes. The serenity and openness make it the perfect setting for a pre-wedding shoot session!

Burj Khalifa

One of the most popular and scenic places to shoot in Dubai is Burj Khalifa. You cannot think of Dubai without thinking of the Burj Khalifa. Let the wonder views of the world’s tallest tower raise your romance to a whole new level. Don’t miss a romantic shot at Burj Khalifa after the sun goes down.

Fujairah Mountains

If mountains are your taste then UAE has it all. The rocks add a beautiful reddish tone that can be paired up with beautiful bright or light-colored clothing. Just grab your partner’s hand and a camera and soar high! Having your pre-wedding shoot at this location can result in some really magical photos and memories that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Dubai Aquarium

Ever fancy getting proposed inside the tunnels of the Dubai Aquarium? The sharks and the gold fish could be your audience cheering for your long-lasting happiness. To have a unique pre-wedding shoot in Dubai, a couple should go for a full-fledged Aquarium photoshoot.

Madinat Jumeirah and the adjoining Palm Island

If you love everything exotic and class, this is one of the best places to plan a luxury pre-wedding shoot. Pick any nook or corner of the magnificent Madinat Jumeirah and add just the right touch of magic to every frame. Each brick and stone of this iconic structure has a love story to tell.

Crystal Clear Beaches

For a romantic pre-wedding shoot, nothing can beat the beauty of land and water on the Dubai beaches. The blue turquoise setting of the beach or the dusky shades of yellow during sunset can set the tone for your beach photo session.

Miracle Garden

What’s more romantic than millions of flowers blooming in a riot of colour and heart-shaped archways? Nothing is more magical than Dubai Miracle Garden to celebrate your love surrounded by nature and stunning blooms. The brightest and most striking colors of the Miracle garden will make your shoot amazing.

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, Yas Island is one of the all-time favorites for pre-wedding shoots. Dine alongside the boats at Yas Marina, or sit next to the water front, and let romance bloom.
Dubai is the shining star of the Middle East that offers for a picture-perfect pre-wedding shoot. Pre-wedding shoot in Dubai is the best choice that will definitely make couples to reminisce these precious moments at every stage of their life.Just drop us a line 🙂