Wedding Trends in 2020


Wedding Trends in 2020

Wedding ceremonies are getting a new look this year. The year 2020 will go down in history as one that has thrown the entire wedding industry for a loop and paused so many important plans in the process. The most significant change we saw couple postponing their wedding or even willing to cancel their big day. Then, small weddings became popular. Now we’re starting to see couples going for virtual weddings. The modern wedding industry faces an unprecedented challenge with emerging trends. Weddings today are unique and have witnessed a significant shift from big fat Indian weddings to small weddings, and now virtual weddings top the list.

Green Vibes

One of the top wedding trends in 2020 is a sustainable wedding style. Hosting an environmentally-conscious wedding is something that every couple must opt for and should be considered a “trend” forever. Couples are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to each element of the celebration to host their dream wedding in a way that causes less harm to the environment. Planning a sustainable wedding is easier than it sounds. You only need to be conscious of your surroundings and incorporate an eco-friendly approach from wedding invites to the wedding venue, décor, and meal.

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A green wedding is all about joy, happiness, laughter with special love towards the environment. Couples are making collective efforts to make their wedding celebrations as eco-friendly as possible nowadays. Your wedding venue is the most significant factor in organizing a sustainable wedding. Opting for an eco-friendly wedding venue is a wonderful way to go green at your wedding. How about wedding invitations made with recycled paper or hand-made paper? You can invite your guests in an eco-friendly style for your wedding. Wedding decorations enhance the beauty of the ceremony and create a magical atmosphere for your big day. Perfect wedding decor requires a lot of thought and careful planning. Many couples are using eco-friendly materials for their wedding decor. When it comes to wedding favors, edible gifts are the most popular. Plantable favors like potted saplings, herbs or succulents also make for sustainable choices.

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Small Weddings

Small weddings made a big comeback this year. Also known as “micro weddings,” these contain all the elements of the traditional ceremony, just the size of the guest becomes small. Couples are opting for intimate celebrations with their closest loved ones to create a personal and unforgettable wedding experience. There’s something special about having a small wedding as the bride and groom can spend more individual time with their loved ones. You can interact with each guest personally and get them involved more with your wedding ceremony can help make the day more cherishable. An intimate wedding celebration gives you ample of opportunities to get creative, making it a more relaxed, casual and memorable affair.

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Planning an intimate ceremony opens the door for many wedding venues options. Your home is the perfect venue for tying the wedding knot. Hosting a small wedding at your own space can be fun if it’s spacious enough to accommodate your guests comfortably. Beautiful Airbnb with natural backdrops is another excellent option to celebrate with your loved ones. Backyard Weddings are intimate, convenient, and perhaps the best of all. Small weddings feel very much personal and give you more freedom, comfort, and flexibility in the planning process. Inviting few guests makes it easier for you to get creative with wedding invitations and welcome gifts. You can enjoy every moment of your special day without feeling stressed about managing everything. Planning a small wedding can also be eco-friendly. An intimate wedding with green vibes has a remarkable impact on the environment. The scope of environment-conscious celebration increases when the wedding is an intimate one—using recyclable objects for wedding décor and cutlery instead of disposable tableware results in waste reduction. A personal celebration with nearest and dearest ones has an entirely different vibe which makes your day even more sentimental and meaningful.

Virtual Weddings

Saying ‘I Do’ goes virtual in 2020. Technology has made everything possible in today’s life. Virtual weddings are a new trend growing in popularity which allows the couple to exchange vows and share this special moment with their friends and family online. A virtual wedding experience can make them feel involved with the ceremony. The couple can live streaming their wedding using any digital platform to share this joy with everyone. A virtual ceremony is a great and different way to celebrate with your loved ones living in different parts of the world. Everything is possible in today’s digital age, from virtual planning to a virtual wedding. You can virtually plan every aspect of your dream wedding from venue selection to vendor consultation via Skype, Face Time from the comfort of your couch.

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The digital route for the wedding ceremony is a creative way of tying the wedding knot where the couple and guests are joined together by a video call to create unforgettable memories. There are several different live streaming platforms that you can choose from for your virtual ceremony— Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Google Hangout, Zoom and Instagram Live. Send digital invitations, including a short note about multiple time zones to invite your guests for the virtual wedding. It’s best to set a dress theme for everyone to add an element of fun to your virtual celebration. Couples either choose to host their virtual wedding at home or rent an Airbnb. So, it’s important to select your space wisely to make sure that it’s easier for everyone to see you on camera. Find a place that’s well-lit, ideally with natural light. Create the perfect backdrop using balloons, flowers, plants, candles and string lights for your virtual nuptials. You can record the entire virtual wedding and relive every moment anytime you want.

Virtual Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

One of the biggest wedding trends of 2020 is virtual pre-wedding bash to get everyone even more excited for the big day to come. Hosting a virtual bachelorette or bachelor party is the most unique and fun way to celebrate and make the bride or groom feel special before they embark on their next journey. You can throw a memorable virtual bash via FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangout. Set a theme for the party, and get everyone dressed up is half of the fun. Make it fun and interactive event with a few games. Online Tambola, UNO, Never Have I Ever, Heads-Up from Ellen DeGeneres are some of the best games that you can play in person or virtually with your friends. Dancing is a must at a party! A virtual dance party can make the night more fun and let everyone feel included as well. Think something elegant or wacky to make things lit and light. You can keep some time in the schedule dedicated to speeches that can make bride-to-be or groom-to-be feel special. A virtual pre-wedding bash is the best way to spend quality time with your squad, get into some funny conversations and create memories.

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Love always finds a way. Weddings in 2020 have a fresh take on celebration style. But at last, it’s all about making memories. Whatever the trends remember this is your day, so celebrate it your way.